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  • Lexman
    Super Senior Member
    • Jun 2000
    • 1777

    A few changes to our forum layout

    I have attempted to mold a new format for us to either embrace or choose to mold and adapt even further. I did away with a couple of clubs due to inactivity. Club Theta and Proceed are gone. But rather than gone, I hope that the prior users of those areas will just go to the pre-pro/amp sections. I suspect that what happens is all discussion eventually migrates that way. But I am willing to wait and see before making further changes.

    I also combined gaming and gadgetry. Combined 2 video sections into one section, and combined all audio processing, 2 channel and multichannel. Speakers, I haven't decided about yet. Truthfully, I inadvertantly deleted that area. I thought I was deleting something else at the time. Oops. But no one is posting about speakers. so, what to do. Maybe chalet will just pick them up.

    Basically, if someone feels overwhelmed by the number of groups, I suggest just sticking to Primetime A/V discussion groups. I designed it so you can talk about anything you NEED to, right there. Hopefully, this increased focus will mean more active areas all the way around in Primetime A/V.

    I also considered combining DVD and Music, and may toast the review section as well. But I want to move some posts out of there first if they haven't been purged yet.

    Let me know what you think folks, ok?


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  • Robbie
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2000
    • 256


    Well, I looked it over and so far so good. I like it anyway (JMHOAA). Time will tell how it works out. At least us lower priced gearheads won't feel left out.



    • JonMarsh
      Mad Max Moderator
      • Aug 2000
      • 15209

      Lex, I have a couple of reviews in the works. Depends on whether you want to have reviews scattered over the areas the products are in, or collected in one spot. I favor the latter, but maybe that's just my preference based on the AudioAsylum, which I like how that works there.
      Overall, I like the changes so far.



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      • Trevor Schell
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
        • 10935

        Looks good Lex,,

        As you mentioned the speakers don't have a dedicated area to discuss,,But also there is an area missing for DVD players, Satellites, HD STB's, VCR's, Tivo,Laserdisc players..All being video sources. Where would those fit in,,Or would you need another area just for that?

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        • Jehan
          Senior Member
          • Aug 2000
          • 613

          I agree about the DVD/HD section, however I guess we could just keep it in here and see how it goes for the time being...


          • KennyG
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Sep 2000
            • 745

            So far so good...


            • Lexman
              Super Senior Member
              • Jun 2000
              • 1777

              Well duh, I did leave DVD out, huh? lol. Maybe we should leave that content for the Chalet.

              Glad you all like it so far!

              PS, a note to the moderators. We might have to modify assignments some. I don't know. With the changes I made, no one got left out. If anything, some people picked up new areas. Of course, I didn't really ask, so if any of you moderators desire a shift in subject matter, talk to me. I tried to assign according to what knowledge I thought you possessed. But then, what do I know? lol.



              • Lexman
                Super Senior Member
                • Jun 2000
                • 1777

                Hey guys, I modified things a bit more, so I feel as though this pretty well covers things now. It does give some freedom of posting for the Chalet or the systems areas, but that's ok, I think we could find differing levels of detail ultimately in the posts.

                Hope you like it,



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