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  • Video DVDs for the MUSIC

    Yes, I know this is "In Tune" and we have a DVD section, but in the spirit of this post, I'm throwing it in here. I have Netflix and lately have been looking for good DVDs that sound great. I'd prefer concert suggestions, but studio ones or documentary-style issues with just a few full songs would be enjoyable. I have seen the Wilco and Hell Freezes over DVDs, have U2's Castle concert on the way...there are a few Clapton selections, but I have no idea what one would be best for the sound. Oh, a Diana Krall is in the queue too, but I wasn't sure what one was best there either. Anyone have any other discs to suggest? I'm just looking for some DVD videos that have very well-recorded audio. I'd be up for any style, I'm working on expanding the variety :T

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    Well there a log discussion on this very subject in the audio hideout

    And I know for a fact I'm repeating things you will see there but check out Cream's Royal Albert Hall DVD, Derek Trucks Band - Songlines, and the Elvis Costello/Allen Toussaint concert.

    Some I have not recommended previously but will if you are willing to try new stuff..

    Umphrey's Mcgee have two DVD's out. The one with the Sledgehammer cover is great and has a lot of options for audio.

    Moe.'s DVD has fantastic quality.

    Particle's Transformations Live For The People is great for sound as well... As long as it is pretty loud and you are pretty stoned, however you might do that (I'm of course talking about things like being high on life, or love, yadda yadda yadda)

    Not many people have heard of those bands, but they play live 300 days a year, have for years, and care immensely about sound quality. It makes for pretty good DVD's if you're open to new stuff.
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      I saw that thread, didn't read it though because....mmm...I'm an idiot? ops:
      Thanks for the suggestions, but others..gnore this thread then, if you'd like..yeesh.


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        One question would be if you have BD or HD-DVD capability.

        Well, we're safe for now. Thank goodness we're in a bowling alley.
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          Originally posted by Thelonious Funk
          and the Elvis Costello/Allen Toussaint concert.
          I've heard good things about this one Eric.


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            Plain old DVD for me. I'm reading my way through the established thread, definitely have some interesting things to check out!


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