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  • KennyG
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    • Sep 2000
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    More advertures in videoland

    Well the Projector looks pretty good, and I've promised myself to stop adjusting it for while, I can only work on my Hush box during the day/ waking hours, so I need a silent, later night say, Kenny, what could you do late at night that won't wake the family???

    HTPC mods!!!

    I know Jon is having great success with winDVD, and by the way I need to thank you Jon, I got that patch last week...installed it and immediately crashed the HTPC no biggie, it came right back up, but I've been having alot of trouble with winDVD, even after the patch, my computer just doesn't seem to like this combo for some reason, it's crashed and locked up several times, it absolutely will not play "Dark City" or "Man in the Iron Mask" it locks the computer up every it's back to powerDVD starting tomorrow (monday)
    I'm also going to do a little filter mod to my Elsa Gladiac video card, all who have done this say it's a huge difference...we'll see about that.
    I f your interested in the mod yourself go here good explanation, and good illustrations...Kenny
  • JonMarsh
    Mad Max Moderator
    • Aug 2000
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    Hi Kenny,

    Let me know what you think of the filter mods. Of course, the "right" way to do it would be mod one card, and directly compare with an unmodded card.
    I've heard comments both directions about the results; I think you'd have to be running at a high pixel clock rate for the reduced filtering to make much difference. Let us know what you think!

    The WINDVD thing is odd, I've had flawluss results with 2.64, even on my ABIT KT7 based system, and ThomasW thinks those MB's are the spawn of the devil. Computer karma? Driver level differences? Who knows?



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    • KennyG
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Sep 2000
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      Well, after pulling my video card out and looking at what must be removed and bypassed I'm getting second thoughts, those capacitors are very small, I've got a nice magnifying glass with built-in light, I've also been trained in conventional soldering methods, but never on anything this small, does anyone have any tips I should be aware off, like tip temperature??? Also looking at this board, all the components I'm going to remove look like surface mounts, with no leads going into the circut brd, just a heat and remove type this correct???Kenny


      • KennyG
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Sep 2000
        • 745

        Jon, you mention "high pixel clock rate" at 1200X675 I'm not that high, but would increasing the V. scan rate from something like 60hz up to 120hz increase the pixel clock rate?


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