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  • mjgeorge
    Junior Member
    • May 2005
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    Plasma Question

    This is a plasma burn-in question. I know that most people say that modern plasma sets have overcome the burn-in problem, but does this require that the sets always use the justify modes that stretch the image to fill the screen?

    I have seen some really good prices on Panasonic plasmas for black Friday, but I dislike watching images in justify modes. I prefer to watch things in their original aspect ratio, and was wondering if this would be a problem with plasmas?
  • aud19
    Twin Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2003
    • 16706

    First and foremost if you buy a plasma get it out of "torch" mode and calibrate it. This will go a long, LONG way towards preventing any image retention.

    Second, most (including Panny's) have pixel orbiting which also helps with this. Not a bad idea to have on though it helps more with things like video games than letter/pillar boxes.

    Third, for the first month or so just do your best to not watch vast amounts, all in a row of programming that has any stationary imagery (pillar/letter boxes, video game life meters, stock/sports score bars etc) until the set is broken in. This doesn't mean you can't watch any, just don't watch like 8-10 hours straight of 4:3 material. Watch a couple hours, then some HD etc.

    Fourth, if you do get ANY image retention try and wipe it as soon as possible with say a full whit field.


    • littlesaint
      Senior Member
      • Jul 2007
      • 823

      After playing video games for several hours I get some retention on my Panny, but running the sweep clears it right up. 4:3 material can leave some retention as well, but as soon as I switch to fullscreen stuff, it's unnoticeable and fullscreen material will wipe anything left behind. I'll second aud19's rec to do a proper calibration.

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      • mjgeorge
        Junior Member
        • May 2005
        • 12

        Thanks for the input!


        • whoaru99
          Senior Member
          • Jul 2004
          • 638

          Yeah, I get some IR on my three-year-old Panny but I have no permanent burn-in. I don't game however, as far as TV viewing, I don't take any extreme measures/precautions.
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          • John Holmes
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Aug 2000
            • 2703

            We have a Vizio plasma in the bedroom. My wife prefers to watch tv in there (which is fine by me :B ). She watches CNN as well as ESPN all the time.

            Like other's have stated, yes, there is some IR but, no burn-in. And the IR is only slighlty visible when the TV is turned off. As soon as a new image is on the screen, it's gone.
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