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  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 16507

    Titan AE

    ok jeremy was over last night and he brough with him the new Titan AE movie. this movie has a great story, nice image (its animated) but what seals the deal is the LFE. I've heard movies with lots of low bass before (the haunting for example) but nothing like the titan disc. The bass in this movie may not be as low though it certinaly is deep it never stops pounding. Its like playing a 2 hour 20 hz sine wave through your sub I'd love to see a plot for this movie but I haven't felt my couch shake as much in a long time esp not for as long as this movie did. I enjoyed the story as well, the ending was a little bit much but hey its only a story

  • KennyG
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Sep 2000
    • 745

    I agree, at the theater I didn't care much for the ending, but in the HT environment it was a different story, I really enjoyed this movie, and the ending to more believable than...say...Star Trek II. (now that I've watched both endings again)
    The bass definitely runs deep and low, and the nice thing about it is, it doesn't make you feel like your driver cones are about to come firing out of your speakers, it comes and goes kinda gently. (unlike U-571, which had me jumpin' and fearin' for my speakers...many times)
    Great video transfer too!


    • John Holmes
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 2703

      I watched Titan AE and Battlefield Earth today. I agree with Andrew and Kenny on this one. A fun film to say the least. Truly wonderful work.

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      • JonMarsh
        Mad Max Moderator
        • Aug 2000
        • 15209

        Yes, this movie was lots of fun; for not being something from Pixar, it still shows how far animation has come, and has a fun story with a sort of "Star Wars" kind of feel- very relaxing when you're not in a mood to over intellectually stimulate the old brain cells, but want some nice eye and ear candy.


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        • Ken McDaniel
          Senior Member
          • Aug 2000
          • 170

          It's a shame the Fox canned the gents responsible for this film because of the poor profits. Hopefully Don Bluth and company will find a new home and crank out some more Titan-like product.



          • George Bellefontaine
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Jan 2001
            • 7637

            Looks like I'm missing something here. I better rent this puppy and see for myself.

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            • Susan
              Moderator Emeritus
              • Jan 2001
              • 105

              This was maybe the second DVD I bought for myself..I love the 3D rendering, the depth of color and the LFE...be sure to watch the "making of" extras..facinating!


              • Adz
                Senior Member
                • Jan 2004
                • 549

                An old thread started by Andrew but I just had to bring out it again especially for all the new members that may not have seen this. Although originally posted 4 years ago (way back in Nov 2000), I don't really think there is another movie to this day that pumps more heart pounding, wall shaking LFE than this one (pretty much throughout the entire movie). Bass on DVDs like Master and Commander may go lower on certain parts, but the Titan DVD just doesn't let up. Anything rival it that I may be missing?


                • Chris D
                  Moderator Emeritus
                  • Dec 2000
                  • 16877

                  I've always liked the Titan AE disc. A decent story, and great sound. The four best scenes for me are the destruction of Earth, the Ice field crashing scene, the genesis of the new planet, and best of all, the scene with the pumping music where they're chasing the spirit-like creatures through the nebula plasma, with the music pumping in the background. when the lighting hits, it makes the scene perfect.

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