Behind the times with the Angels...

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  • JonMarsh
    Mad Max Moderator
    • Aug 2000
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    Behind the times with the Angels...

    This is one of those times I wish Lex would let me have an alias identity that I could post under, so as not to embarass myself... :W

    After finally figuring out that the erratic failure to boot up normally on my newly rebuilt bedroom HTPC was due to a faulty momentary contact power switch (which was sticking on, thus causing the system to shut back down when trying to boot up), and not a power supply or MB, I actually relaxed yesterday afternoon to give my back a rest and watch a couple of light weight movies. One was an old favorite from eons past, "Doc Hollywood" with Michael J. Fox.

    Having just tweaked up the newly installed copy of nVidia NVDVD (software DVD player), I was pretty pleased with the general performance and image quality. The built in setup screens almost make it unnecessary to have a copy of AVIA calibration DVD for the video setup.

    The other movie was from my daughter's collection, and it was the surprise. h: Yes, "Charlie's Angels" is basically just a light weight showcase for cheese cake and special effects, but maybe it was just what I needed to ease my aching back. And the cinematography and general quality of the DVD is first rate. There was a very tiny amount of EE, but on my NEC presentation monitor at 1280X720 it was only occasionally detectable, and pretty much only if you were looking for it. Eye popping color, great detail, and a "fun" soundtrack made for a "guilty pleasure" sort of experience. Certainly worth a rental some evening when you just want to shutdown and relax with something that doesn't take itself too seriously, but includes stunts and effects on a par with the Bond movies.

    ThomasW, who can't stand Cameron Diaz, is excused from this recommendation.. :roll:


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  • George Bellefontaine
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    • Jan 2001
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    You know, Jon, I have to admit I actually enjoyed the Angels disc also. Loads of fun, lots of eye candy and the image is definitely gorgeous. Now as for the story, well that's a different matter, and so what anyway, right ?

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    My Homepage!


    • Andrew Pratt
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      • Aug 2000
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      If its got drew in it count me in :twisted:


      • John Holmes
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
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        I agree with you guys. This(Charlie's Angels) was a fun movie. It had all the elements needed to make an enjoyable film. I just don't understand why most feel, a movie needs to be "Thought provoking" to be decent???

        Anyway, kudos to all the above, for having the guts to admit they enjoyed the film! 8)

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