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  • Sonnie Parker
    • Jan 2002
    • 2858

    Godfather Collection

    I don't know what it is about mafia type movies but I like them. I don't care for all the language but I can usually get past it. Sometimes they get a little gory but I suppose that's how the mafia worked (or works?). I suppose being a hillbilly I get a thrill out of seeing how they lived their lives of crime. You see, hillbilly's don't get much past crimes like shining deer at night or moonshining a little..... although I do neither.

    It's been a long time ago since I saw these movies but I do remember enjoying them. I know I'll enjoy them as well being a part of my DVD collection.

    This 5 DVD collection including all 3 parts just recently became available and I ordered it for $65 shipped.......not too bad considering the retail is over $100 and you get 3 very long movies.

    I noticed on IMMB that part 1 is ranked #1 and part 2 is ranked #3.... surprising to me. I did a search here and didn't find anyone had ever mentioned it.

    Curious as to your opinion on this series?


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  • Burke Strickland
    • Sep 2001
    • 3161

    You have latched on to some really high quality stuff here, Sonnie. "The Godfather" easily ranks in my top 10 movies of all time. It is a timeless classic that transcends its Mafia/crime subject matter as a study of family relationships and the human condition, and is a marvel of movie making. The Godfather II is also a masterpiece, with some scenes standing out as chillingly brilliant satire in addition to being a cohesive part of the story.

    While The Godfather III isn't bad, it isn't nearly as compelling a drama as the first two, and the final opera house sequence is a hard-to-follow jump-cut blur, instead of the innovative, effective story telling vehicle the rest of the series had been. (In structure, it was copying the baptism sequence in the first one, but sort of went over the top. The hommage paid that sequence in "Elizabeth" was much more effective.) At least the film isn't a total embarrassment as third in a series like Alien 3, and it did get nominated for 7 Oscars including Best Picture. Of course, both of the others WON Best Picture.

    We waited a long time for the DVDs of this trilogy, amd were richly rewarded for our patience. On a technical level they are about as good as they get, even with the age of the movies, in addition to having intrinsically worthwhile content. I am so glad the studio decided to do it right first time out instead of rushing a mediocre set to market and then nickle-and-diming us with multiple re-issues.



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    • George Bellefontaine
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Jan 2001
      • 7637

      I totally agree with everything Burke has said, including his remarks about Godfather 3. The wait for this box set release was long and painful, but I was one of the first to buy when the set became available. Note how Al Pacino has truthfully aged between GF 1 and GF 3.

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      • Cracking Oboe
        Senior Member
        • May 2004
        • 152

        When the Godfather collection hit the bargan bins this last month, we realized that neither of us were sure if we had ever seen any of the Godfather movies completely. Just bits and pieces on T.V.. So we picked it up.

        What an experience!! Finishing the series was like finishing a good book, it's hard to get back in touch with reality for awhile. The credits rolled by... we just sat there in silence. The credits ended... we just sat there in silence. A must have in any collection, (even if you aren't into the typical gangster movie). It wasn't 1/10th as violent as expected (We were confusing it with "Scarface"), and it was a whole lot better than expected.



        • Patt
          Senior Member
          • Feb 2005
          • 922

          Great movies!

          I used to watch them years ago....they dressed so darn nice.


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