Mission to Mars and High Fidelity

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  • Ken McDaniel
    Senior Member
    • Aug 2000
    • 170

    Mission to Mars and High Fidelity

    Tonight was double movie night at the McDaniel Theater. Well first is started with a trip to the local restaurant. Needless to say, it's very tough to find good Tex Mex when you're not in Texas.

    I first popped in Mission to Mars. Definately one of the better science fiction releases of the new century. I saw it first on the big screen and gained tremendous appreciation of the cinematography. The scope of this movie is well thought out and fantastic. The DVD even contains some very good presentations on the production. What really floored me was the soundtrack. Specifically the orchestral sequences. Music makes this movie. Unlike the first time I saw it, this viewing I was brought to tears. On a great system, this film reaches an awsome crescendo of sound and vision. I can't recommend it more.

    The second movie (maybe I should have watched it first) was a very cerebral film from the same crew that brought us Gross Pointe Blank. Oddly enough starring John Cusack. Basically it's a movie about a quirky record store owner trying, failing, and trying at love. This movie is dialogue driven; but the dialogue is very smart. I liked this movie. Once again, music makes this movie. The difference in this film from M2M lies in the music's presentation. In this movie, the music is a character in itself. There are also some very funny parallels between the music afficionado's and some of us HT lovers. All in all, another great film.

    It was a good friday night. Now if I can only convince the wife to see Any Given Sunday, my weekend will be a success.

  • KennyG
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Sep 2000
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    If your sweetie likes to sneak a peak at the male body every once-in-awhile, that may be all the reason needed! It's a football movie, but there's alot of other stuff going on, she'll find other things to relate to.
    In M2M, did your couch resonate during the scenes where the self defense mechanism activates??? Very awsome!, my room literally comes alive!
    Good call on "High Fidelity", I saw this at the theater, I could tell the soundtrack was a big part of the presentation...but the theater's system lacks some refinement, and always sets the ST back from the visual, I will be seeing this at home.


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