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  • Paradigm pricing

    I am searching for the best price on a set of Paradigm Studio 40 speakers. My local dealer says the best he can do is $1,200 for the pair. What is a reasonable price that I can expect to pay? Are there any reputable online dealers?


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    Is that including stands?I purchased mine new off Audiogon for $800 without stands.
    I bought the stands later...they are a must.


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      I recently purchased 40's at my local dealer in Maryland for $1000. The stands were a bit more, but still inexpensive compared to what some other stands sell for.


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        Whats the MSRP on the J-Series stands?


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          Not sure where your from, but the best retail pricing can be had buying in Canada. However, with the dollar not being as strong as it once was, might not be the case anymore. The great thing about it is, since they are manufactured in canada, you don't have to pay the import tax on them.

          I think because of this, there are very few dealers that carry Paradigmn locally (detroit suburbs) since they can't/don't want to compete with the canadian retailers.


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            I paid $1200 for Studio 60's. I don't believe they can be bought through mail order, just dealers. If you get the real wood finish the price goes up by a few hundred dollars, though.


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              Hi HT,

              I just bought some black 40's from my local dealer for $1200 and he is pretty much non negotiable. Never seen them online before or that's what I probably would have done.
              Seperate "J" stands were $300 for the pair. I opted for 24" welded fillable Target stands from Audio Advisor.

              Let us know what you get .


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                I've been looking at the Monitor & Studio lines.

                Pricing went up this year. I'm not sure if that was timed with the release of v.4 for Monitor & v.3 for Studio.

                I got a quote of $1240 for the Monitor 7, Mini-Monitor & CC370.

                Stepping up the the Studio has a bit of the ouch factor in comparison, but it is a significant step up. I don't have individual pricing, but I was quoted $2200 for a pair of Studio 40, Studio 20 & a CC470. I believe the MSRP on the Studio 40 is $1299 now & the 20 is $899 & the CC470 is $699 for 2005.

                A good friend of mine has bought some higher end equipment from the dealer and he went in with me for the first round of auditions. Hopefully that helped to lower the price.

                If someone has more or better info, please let us know. I will be going back in two weeks to audition the Monitors & Studios again; by then I'll know the amount of the bonus I get a few weeks later and I'll know whether I can afford the Studios.


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                  If you're near Philly, please try the "HI FI HOUSE" in Broomall PA. Joe Hart is the best sale person with the best prices. 610-544-4420

                  "IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN, YOU PLAN TO FAIL"


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