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  • Bertje
    Junior Member
    • May 2003
    • 1


    I have a question, I 'm looking for a good quality ( better then standard) interlink to connect my pre and power amp, RSP980+RB985.
    This seems not to be easy since there are few (?) manufactures that make this 25 pins-cable......

    Can somebody help me with this?

    thnx a lot.....Bertje from the Netherlands
  • Scarp
    Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 632

    Hey Bertje,

    Nice to see someone else from Eindhoven here

    For connecting your pre and poweramp you can also just use normal cinch cables. I use MIT Terminator 2 and an Eichmann 6. But I also have good experience with VLS (which you can buy at AudioHomeHIfi studios in Eindhoven), they are good value for money.


    • SaNdOkAn
      Junior Member
      • Jul 2002
      • 25

      Bertus (ook hier),

      the pics u send me the other day are from Scarp...the guy who replied first to your thread

      Scarp I to live near Eindhoven and have loooooooooots of Rotel and B&W



      • shuang1234
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2003
        • 23

        For people who believe that cables do not make a difference, ignore the remainder of this message.

        Like many people I started with Monster Cable. Not because it is good, but because it is so well marketed.

        I picked up the Rotel RSP-1066 and RMB-1095 to upgrade my music/HT system. I have spent the last month extensively researching and auditioning brands in the interconnect area. I have the following suggestions (for analog paths):
        - reputable brands to look at include Kimber and AudioQuest
        - you my want to stay from brands such as Monster, UltraLink, Radio Shack
        - search on for user feedback on cables
        - search on for magazine reviews
        - the following URL has very good booklets on what to look for with interconnects,
        - find out if the company has its own cable manufacturing facilities, subcontracts cable manufacturing e.g. to Belden, simply remarkets someone elses cable
        - start at the start of the chain, e.g. CD->Preamp, Preamp->Poweramp, Poweramp->Speakers
        - once you have a short list of brands, you need to audition the cables and try to borrow some cables so you can demo them on your own equipment, typically you will have to leave a credit card imprint with the merchant. Hopefully you have built up a good relationship with one or more audio dealers already.
        - cables can be very equipment sensitive, especially if they act as tone controls rather than being neutral in nature, so you really have to try them yourself

        Based upon the above criteria, I have chosen Kimber Cable for many of my cable needs:
        - excellent reputation in the industry, in business since 1979
        - Ray Kimber is the founder and is a legend in the industry,
        in this interview he describes his philosophy and product line
        - excellent models at both low and high end of the market place
        - they manufacture their own cables, including drawing the copper/silver
        - they have a 30,000 square foot factory in Utah
        - a very engineering design centered company. They have an internal library with 2,000 books/articles.
        - reasonable set of models, models do not change yearly so it is easy to find a cable you like and stick with it

        - I have choosen 8TC for speaker cable, $15US per foot and Hero for interconnects, $150US per 1 meter pair. A good budget choice would be 4PR for speaker cable, $4US per foot, and Tonik for interconnects, $56US per 1 meter pair.
        - the Hero interconnects were runnerup in cable section in AbsoluteSound/PerfectVision 2003 List
        - 8TC is Stereophile recommended

        - I am listening to my system now, the new cables make me realize what incredible equipment Rotel makes for driving my Paradigm Reference Studio 60 speakers.


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