Rotel 1055 vs Denon 3803

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  • Don
    • Feb 2003
    • 39

    Rotel 1055 vs Denon 3803

    I was thinking of getting the rsp 1066 or avr 3803 (pre/pro) and the a rotel amp. Prices in the combo are very close.

    I want the rotel combo but should I be concerned about the burr-brown (24/192) dacs and 24/96 dts that the denon has and not the rotel?

  • eelco74
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2002
    • 394


    If we are talking about the denon 3803 receiver vs the 1055/1066 with poweramp, then I might give you some advise.

    I you are just looking for HT, the 3803 will be a nice deal. I own a 3801, and for DD/DTS it is a very fine reveiver.

    However if you are going to listen to CD as well, and have a decent pair of front speakers, things are going to change. My 3801, and I have heard the 3803 as well, is no match for almost any Rotel gear.

    Even in Direct mode, the Denon has a muddy bass and sounds very flat. Adding my Rotel RB-981 as a power amp to the Rotel makes it a little better, but the pre-amp is definilately to weak.The RSX-1055 will beat it hands down.

    I must say that I have JM-lab Electra 906 front speakers, wich are pretty revealing. My Rotel pre/power-amp/CD combination drive them with ease. The RSX-1055 with the power-amp for front-channels, sounds just as good.

    The Denon however is definately lower class.

    As for the DACS: don't worry. There is more to sound quality than sample-rates and the amount of bits used. Not to mention the availibility of software for it.

    So if you want goot HT and Stereo, go for the Rotel
    If HT is your main goal, then the Denon might fit as well.

    Audition both of them, preferrably at home with your own set/speakers.

    Good luck....

    Marantz AV8802, Marantz UD8002, Rotel RB-991 and RB985mkii, Rotel RD960
    Focal/Jmlab Electra 1028S, Electra CC, Electra SW1000S, Cobalt 705
    Pioneer KRL-37V, Epson EH-TW8100, Kinkping CES-180 77"inch


    • sdecker
      Senior Member
      • Jun 2002
      • 122

      I agree with eelco74. I had a Denon 3802 and it was fine for HT , but for music there was no comparison the Rotel 1055 is much better sounding.

      Best advice I can offer is try both and get the one that YOU prefer.



      • Andrew Pratt
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
        • 16507

        As with the guys above I've owned or demo'd Denon 2800, 3300, and a 3801 in my HT and non sounded anywhere near as good as the Rotels do.


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