What to do with my RB-1080

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  • Dan Heath
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 22

    What to do with my RB-1080

    I'm new to the forum. I've looked around for a few days before posting a message. And I think this board has a lot of great info! I'm pretty new to HT and multi channel. My current set up is two channel. I'm trying to decide on a Pre/Pro or Receiver that will allow me to continue to use my RB-1080 for my front L/R speakers. This is easy to accomplish with the 1066 and seperate 3 channel amp. But what about the 1055? Another requirement is multi room capability. Since I will be putting speakers in the bedroom and outside patio. This last req. is mainly FYI, it's not really related to my HT issue.
  • eelco74
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2002
    • 394

    This discussion has been here many times. Andrew is the one who has had both the rsx-1055 and the rsp-1066.

    basicly, if you use the rb1080 to drive the front channels and the rsx1055 for the rest of the channels (redirect function), it will be a fine solution. From what I have heard from Andrew, is that he heard no differerence when using his rsp-1066 or the rsx-1055.

    But in case of the rsx-1055 always use a seperate amp for front, and use the redirect function to power the rear channel internally.

    I have a 981 power amp and a 972 pre-amp. And a Denon 3801 for movies. A rsx-1055 + rb981 is what I am looking at. But I am a bit worried about stereo. Since my 3801 sucks in stereo. Even when I use the rb-981 as a power amp for the front channel, it is no match for my 972 pre-amp.

    The rsx-1055 seems te be very good in stereo. I wil get one from my dealer to find out :-)

    I am also looking to replace my denon3801 and my rotel pre-amp. I am going to audition the rsx1055

    Marantz AV8802, Marantz UD8002, Rotel RB-991 and RB985mkii, Rotel RD960
    Focal/Jmlab Electra 1028S, Electra CC, Electra SW1000S, Cobalt 705
    Pioneer KRL-37V, Epson EH-TW8100, Kinkping CES-180 77"inch


    • Dan Heath
      Junior Member
      • Feb 2003
      • 22

      Thanks for your input. I have been leaning towards the RSX-1055. Sorry... I may be a little dense on this. But what do you mean by "Redirect"? The RSX-1055 is a 5 channel amp right? I would be using 3 channels for SL/C/SR. What about the other two channels? What could I use them for? I guess I would need all of the connections "spelled" out to understand everything. I would end up having 7 amp channels total. So maybe you mean that I could use the other two for center back speakers. ??

      Thanks for your time!


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