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  • John LaCava
    • Sep 2002
    • 38

    Source Bleed

    Has anyone noticed the source bleed on the 1066? Not sure if this topic has been addressed yet.

    Any Anolog input source can be heard on any other input source simply by turning the volume up reasonably high. And I'm not talking about maximum either, you will start to hear around 60 and it will be clear by 70 and higher. Though the signal is heavily attenuated, and apparently lacking in bass frequencies it is definately present.

    I conducted two experiments:
    CD in at CD position Analog
    CD in at Digital Optical Video 3 position

    With Analog in at CD, you can definately hear it easily when switching to tuner, less so when set to Tape, and perhaps slightly less so as you progress down the series of sources.

    If you select a digital source you will only hear the analog input very faintly if you turn the volume up to max.

    With CD in at the Digital optical (video 3), I am unable to detect appreciable bleed, suggesting digital ins are well isolated during DACing, though analog bleed can be heard in the digital sources with vol set to max.

    Shouldn't the different sources be completely isolated, so that you cannot hear a "TAPE" playing when "CD" is selected!?

    Anyone have anything to say about this? Has anyone else tested or noticed? Any reason for it to be more prevelent on Tuner than other sources? Do you consider this a deadly flaw? Should I seek warranty repair/replacement?

    Won't this have serious implications in a multizone setup where two sources are playing different material simultaneously? Someone in zone two would have zone 1 contamination at any moderate volume level and vice versa.

  • princeoliver
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2003
    • 23

    I also have a Mchintosh classic preamp and it bleeds as well. So I think this is just a design flaw of certain products. I do not notice bleeding on my RSX972 but then I only have the unit for six weeks. I use the digital inputs most of the time and they seem to be OK. Did you try switching to higher grade interconnects? It seem to minimize the problem with my MAC...


    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      its because all the analog inputs are grounded together. Its annoying I agree but doesn't seem to effect the sound quality


      • John LaCava
        • Sep 2002
        • 38

        Well guess that solves the mystery of why, but what do you think about what I said about how this would impact Zone 2 preformance given that if any 2 analog sources are active simultaneously in zone 1 you will get bleed through of the non-monitored channel into the monitored channel at high volumes.

        Curious if any one has even used this in zone two. Can you hear the zone two source in zone one if you crank the volume up on a random analog source?



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