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  • PSUfan
    • May 2004
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    1068 via analog

    Alright, this topic seems to be discussed too often but the upgrade bug is upon me.....I have the pioneer elite 23fd blu-ray connected to my 1068 via analog. In this situation the pioneer handles all the decoding and my 1068 is set to multi-input making it a large volume knob. The sound is excellent and I'm able to decode the new formats via the pioneer! However I find myself asking can it be better?

    Is their an improvement in sound quality if you connect from the HDMI output on the blu-ray player to your processor (such as the 1570)? I know part of the question is answered by the quality of the decoders on board the blu-ray versus the 1570.....I think? Also, then if I was to move to the 1570 and connect all via the hdmi cables then from the 1570 to my panny plasma would I loose any video quality?

    My question really is, would I benefit from upgrading my 1068 to the 1570 and connecting it via hdmi or at this time would the sound improvement be minimal? Just so you have all the info on my setup in have the Rotel 1068, 1075, and 1080.

    Hope this all makes sense!

  • Ferres
    Senior Member
    • Jan 2007
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    The only good reason to go to a 1570 is for the convenience of HDMI connections. Aural benefits could be marginal, assuming you already have decent cables on the 1068.

    A great sounding amplifier coupled with quality interconnects would be more substantial... I think.


    • chanlon
      Senior Member
      • Sep 2003
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      My opinion is to stay where you are to. Although the single HDMI cable offers convenience in regards to a single cable transfer, my experiences with HDMI have been anything but smooth. I have moved from a 1068, 1069 to 1570. I would never have moved from the 1068 to the 1069 if I had my time back. Yes the 1069 was completely redesigned ground up for superior sound quality, but my ears hear small improvements.

      Take a peek around the threads belonging to the 1570/1069 and you'll read about digital input sensing delays, handshaking errors, blah blah blah....
      I still have issues with losing audio when pausing my PVR or PS3, and then forced to re-start or change inputs to get a new handshake.

      I'm considering using analog cables for my Oppo connection to my 1570 and then going direct to my Pioneer Elite. I'm just waiting to see if the SE upgrade will be available to Canadians shortly.

      If you don't have any issues using 6-7 analog RCA cables, and like the D/A performance of the Pioneer (which is supposedly real nice), I'd save my money or upgrade other components.

      However, this is just one opinion. Others will prob. disagree.

      HDMI in my opinion is a crap shoot. This is not necessarily a Rotel problem. (Although Rotel def"ll have problems with HDMI implementation). All manufactures have their HDMI woes.


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