RSP1098 software Mac compatible?

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  • macman
    Junior Member
    • Mar 2004
    • 3

    RSP1098 software Mac compatible?

    Does anyone know if the software updates to Rotel's processors, specifically the RSP-1098, are Macintosh computer compatible? If so, what is the procedure for doing so? I'm very interested in an RSP-1098 processor, but use Mac computers exclusively. I've been told by two different Rotel customer service reps that the software is Mac compatible, but the only instructions listed on the website are for PCs, using Hyperterminal and a serial port, none of which sounds very Mac compatible, and they have not been able to tell me the procedure. I hate to plunk down the money for the RSP-1098 only to find out that I can't upgrade it's software without unhooking everything and dragging it to a dealer. Thanks.
  • Azeke
    Super Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 2123


    I am unsure of the Mac's capablility to handle this upgrade, however since some user's are having issues with the Win OS, I certainly wouldn't want to be the first one to try it.




    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      As far as I know its PC might work in an emulator on OSX but I highly doubt it. Isn't there anyony with a PC notebook you can borrow...or have your dealer do the upgrade for you.


      • daidavel
        Junior Member
        • Jan 2004
        • 8

        The BIOS update program is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and requires the VB runtime library ... definitely will not run on a MAC (except maybe in an emulator as has been suggested). I personally wouldn't try it ... I'd go with the borrow a laptop idea ...


        • Aussie Geoff
          Super Senior Member
          • Oct 2003
          • 1914


          The Apple Mac does have a (not very wonderful) terminal emulation program as standard in the later versions up to OS-X. I suspect that this should be a replacement for the equally not very wonderful HyperTerminal program included as standard in Windows. So - if you map the settings carefully from one to the other you could probably update firmware (it is just VT style terminal emulation on a serial port).

          However there is no realistic way the Rotel EPROM updater will run this is VB etc and just isn't Mac compatible.

          So - If you really love Macs and get a new RSP-1098 with the new EPROM code (they have been shipping this for a while with the 1.1.6 firmware) then you could probably happily use a Mac to do the 2.1.1. and other future firmware updates. Any future EPROM updates (should there be any) will require a PC or Laptip with Windows to drive.

          However notice all the "probably’s" and “suspect’s” I have had to use. If you have any problem getting the Mac Terminal emulation to bring up the software upgrade screen on the RSP-1098 - I'd stop straight away, switch the firmware update switches off again and borrow a friend and their PC based laptop (you're welcome to curse as you do this!)



          • eddyg
            Junior Member
            • Mar 2004
            • 22

            Hi macman,

            I'm in a similar position to you, after investigation I decided against trying to use my Mac for the upgrade.

            I found that it was possible to do the flash update, using zTerm and a USB-RS232 adapter, however I wasn't happy with the "send file" option possibly stuffing up and leaving my flash stuffed up. I also wasn't happy with the issues that USB-RS232 adapters may cause and have been noted by Wintel users.

            As has been mentioned by others the EEPROM update program is written for Wintel only, and even though it would run in VirtualPC on the mac, I wouldn't want to trust it and its connection to the USB-RS232 adapter.

            In the end I loaded up Windows on a power sucking alien sunpc inside a Sun workstation that I had at home and connected that to the RSP-1098 via a long ethernet cable and some adapters.

            Note for those using Ethernet cables for serial transport, the RSP1098 is not using the standard pinouts for serial via RJ45/UTP as used by the likes of Cisco. This took me ages to figure out, you get Rx but no Tx. Use the Rotel provided RJ45 -> DB9 and then a DB9 to RJ45 and then use your ethernet cabling.




            • macman
              Junior Member
              • Mar 2004
              • 3

              Thanks everyone for all the posts! That's what makes this a great forum.
              Any idea when Rotel will begin shipping 1098s with PLIIx from the factory?
              I think I'll wait for that, or investigate a loaner windows laptop (a friendly dealer maybe, if I use it as a bargaining tool?), or a cheap laptop on eBay, etc. Anyway, sounds like some upgrades aren't going so well anyway. Thanks again for all the great advice the forum has to offer!


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