RSP 1098 12v trigger problem

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  • Henk
    • Jun 2003
    • 45

    RSP 1098 12v trigger problem

    I use two 12v triggers on my RSP 1098, one triggers a RLC-1050 power distributor (which in turn powers on a RB-1090) while the other triggers a RMB-1075. Everything worked fine until a few weeks ago when the RSP 1098 started to interrupt the 12v trigger to both components at random after power on. When this happens I have to power off the 1098 and power on again. The triggers then work for a while until, unexpectedly, the signal gets interrupted again. Most annoying. I've tried all four triggers, checked the settings and loaded the 1.1.8 software. Problem remains. All components work fine without the 12v trigger, but these must now be powered on manually.

    Anyone having similar problems or know what the cause can be?
  • Olaf
    • Nov 2003
    • 57


    Henk I am using a single trigger (number 1) from the RSP-1098 to power on the RLC-1050. All other components (RB-1080, RMB-1075, RDV-1060 and RCD-1070) are power by the RLC-1050.

    The DVD and CD player are furthermore trigger connected to the RSP-1098 (trigger 2 and 3 respectively).

    I am running V2.1.2 and have no problems with trigger interruptions.



    • Andrew Pratt
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 16507

      So I'm not alone with this problem after all. Mine just started doing that exact same thing. Rotel's going to take a look at mine and see what's going on but its interesting that I'm not the only one seeing this quirk.


      • Marcel54
        • Jan 2004
        • 60

        As I mentioned in another thread I had the same problem in combination with blowing fuses on my RB 1080. My dealer and distributor investigated the problem and they blamed it on an external factor. They told me that it came from a low frequency disturbance from my tv-antenna cable which "told" the RSP 1098 to shut down the DVD and amplifiers. After disconnecting my triggers the problem was gone. I'm no technician so if there is an other problem causing this I really like to know because I mis my triggers.



        • Howie
          • Feb 2003
          • 36

          Trigger problem

          I think that I'm starting to experience this random trigger problem. It's happened 2 or 3 times now in the last couple of weeks. My amps (1095 and 1070) will power off, and I have to restart the 1098 to trigger them on again. And the other day I noticed random 'P's on the LCD screen. This has only happened once. Should I be concerned with these things? I did not have these problems before I did the Dolby IIx upgrade.
          Last edited by Howie; 25 April 2004, 15:34 Sunday.


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