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  • servo01
    Junior Member
    • Jan 2004
    • 14

    RDV 1060 European Model

    Hello @ All,

    Although quite happy with the RDV 1060 the european model in my opinion has a very big disadvantage !

    Watching DVDs purely PAL Progressiv the european model has a very weird procedure to switch on the PAL Progressiv mode :

    First you have to switch off PAL Progessive via the Remote.
    Then navigate trough all your Disc Menus, start the film, Push Progessive Play again, and then the RDB 1060 must read in the disc again.

    Very time consuming though....

    If you do not follow this procedure and the player is in the progressive mode , the unit does not allow you to navigate through all your disc menus ( i.e. if you want to change languages or go to scene selection during the movie you have to repeat all steps I've described above).

    Sometimes this procedure also does not work at all since not all DVDs are correctly flagged. Result are unwanted language changes and so on.

    Maybe this is the wrong Forum for the european stuff but has anybody got a hint, why Rotel made this procedure so complicated ?

    With my former Denon DVD A 1 I've just switched at the main setup once to PAL Progressive and never had to hustle again with this matter.

    Cheers and greetings from "bloody cold and icy germany "
  • Elljot
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2003
    • 2

    Hallo Servo01

    Habe lange mit Rotel, bzw. B&W hin und her gemailt, u.a. wg dem
    Problem mit der Progressive-Umschaltung. Es gab aber auch andere
    gravierende Probleme (u.a. selbständiges Verstellen von Setup-

    Habe letzte Woche eine Software-Update-CD auf die Version
    2.08 von Rotel erhalten. Die meisten Probleme sind behoben.
    Vor allem kann der Player nun als Standard im Progressive-Modus
    betrieben werden und die DVD-Menues sind bedienbar !

    Am besten mal Kontakt mit Deinem Händler aufnehmen !


    • Scarp
      Senior Member
      • Mar 2003
      • 632


      Could you please post in English since not everyone here understands German. Its an international forum.

      Quick'n'dirty translation of what he said (a one time occurance, not gonna do it again):
      I emailed with Rotel (and B&W) for a long time about the progressive scan changing. There where also some other problems (e.g. with setup).
      Last week I got an update-cd with version 2.08 from Rotel. Most problems are gone now. Most importantly the player can now be in progressive mode as standard and dvd-menus are navigatable.
      Its best to contact your dealer.


      • servo01
        Junior Member
        • Jan 2004
        • 14

        Thanks a lot folks,

        I'll get right on the case.

        You've made my day !!!


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