1066 sonic improvement

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  • rosros
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2004
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    1066 sonic improvement

    Nice that the HTguide server is letting me thru today.

    Last month I compared the 1066 to the 1098. In summary, in my particular system, I found the 1066 to be dark/laid back vs the more open/clearer 1098. Some people like the darker sound, I prefer the more sharper/livlier sound. In this quest, I decided to swap out the oem power cable with the Asylum Cable. The sonic traits of the 1066 instantly became more effortless and immediate. Changing from the Asylum Cable to the Signal High Output Digital Cable brought on a slightly more crisp sound. I attributed this transformation from better/more snug fitting connectors, more copper, and the double shielding; making for a lower noise floor. This is an inexpensive tweak while allowing the 1066 to close the sonic gap of the 1098. Now if only the 1068 becomes avail by me so I can swap the loaner 1066 out.

    The 1068 has upgraded 13 points over the 1066; most of which are beneficial for my set up. I was contemplating on the 1068 vs the 1098; but if the 1068 closes the sonic gap even closer (I will try the cable swap again)...the inclusion of the lcd screen is not worth the extra expense.
  • pbarata
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2003
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    I’ve RSP-1066, which does not benefit from the advantages of toroidal transformer like the RMB-1075. Although RMB-1075 has a better power supply, audible sonic improvements were archived using a simple mains filtering solution like Olson’s Sound Fantastic, the same applies to RSP-1066 as it’s also connect to Olson’s.

    Now, just to be in the safe side, I’m replacing now the power cords for Supra LoRad. Probably I’ll not obtain such an audible different like to one achieved with mains purifier, but I’m sure that I’ll avoid interferences between the power cords/equipments that share the same power sockets. In my case it’s a lot of things all together (CD player, DVD player, Rotel RSP-1066, RMB-1075, Subwoofer).

    To conclude, I believe that better than simple get a new model, a lot can be done with current equipment and in the end, maybe the gat between the old RSP-1066 and the new RSP-1068/1098 is not so huge.
    Movies: Samsung LCD LE37A557, Rotel RSP-1066 & RMB-1075, Sony PS3, VdH D-102 Hybrid III interc, QED XT-350 & Supra Rondo 4x2,5 speaker cable, QED Qunex P75 coax, Monitor Audio Silver 5i/8i/10i speakers, REL Quake sub, QED Qunex SR-SW subwoofer cable, IXOS XHT458 HDMI, Supra LoRad, Isotek Mini Sub GII;
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