Buzz from tweeters?..Possible Cause?

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  • Britchie
    • Nov 2003
    • 45

    Buzz from tweeters?..Possible Cause?

    As a new owner of Rotel gear I am quickly becoming very passionate about getting the best possible performance from my new system (1098 w/1095). I choose not to call myself an audiophile since I am a novice and still have a lot to learn.

    Anyway, enough about me, the point of this post is that I am noticing a buzz from the tweeters on my speakers. It is even there when the volume is all the way down. It is present on all the sources. All of the other drivers in the speakers are silent. It is definatley a buzz, not a hiss that I hear from 3-4 inches away.

    I have clean power. what could cause this?

    Speaker Wires? I use run of the mill monster cable from best buy.

    Interconnects? I have Tara labs...The dealer gave these to me with the purchase so I assume they are probably the low end variety.

    A setting/installation error?

    The infamous "defective?" 1095 amps that others have posted about on this forum.

    Any advice on where to start troubleshooting would be greatly appreciated.

    BTW...The speakers are Infinity IL60 front, IL-36 Center, Def Tech BPIWAZ Rears.


  • SpOoNmAn
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2003
    • 518

    A buzz? Or a quiet hiss? I have a very faint hiss, but only if my ears are directly next to tweeters. How loud is it? Do you hear this from say 3 to 4 inches away? 3 to 4 feet away? We need more details.

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    • art vandeleigh
      • Oct 2003
      • 49

      how loud is the buzz? is there a buzz even without any input from the CD player? or is there buzz only when you are getting some kind of input. it could just be backgroud noise from a bad recording.

      is the buzz source dependent, as in does it get worse with different types of music, etc.? have you tried to unplug everything from the clean power and just plug directly into the outlet. maybe also try to disconnect everything that is not essential to listening to your system from the clean power and see if that will allieveate the problem.

      or worse case is that you may have one of the buzzing 1095's. i dont own one personally but have read in many places other then this site about a buzzing problem with the 1095. how old is the 1095? can you still return? good luck.


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