Other than power, is there a difference between the RMB-1075 and the RMB-1095? Please help before I buy.

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  • BKSinAZ
    Senior Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 107

    Other than power, is there a difference between the RMB-1075 and the RMB-1095? Please help before I buy.

    Other than power, is there much of a difference between these two amps?
    Does the 1095 have a better sound quality?

    If I get the RMB-1075, will it be considered a 'UPGRADE' from my Yamaha RXV-2095 Receiver or just a lateral move?

    Just incase it matters, I will be driving B&W 603s for mains, B&W CC6 for my center, B&W 602s for my rears. I will also be driving an ACI TITAN ll sub (built in amp, So I guess the rotel won't be driving the sub)

    I guess I am concerned if the RMB-1095 is over kill for my speakers or even if it has a higher quality sound than the RMB-1075. I am also concerned that if I choose to save money and go for the RMB-1075, if it will be a substancial upgrade from my yamaha RXV-2095 in both power AND sound quality.

    Please excuse my ignorance because I don't understand all those confusing SPECIFICATION RATINGS. If someone could take a minute to research this for me, I would be most appreciative!
  • Leef DaLucky
    Senior Member
    • May 2003
    • 185

    Hey BK,
    I've been doing some substantial research into this as well.
    My bud and i discovered rotel stuff about a year ago, and i'm anxious to upgrade as well (coming from an Onkyo background).

    Here's what i can tell so far:
    the 1095 does have a lot more power, so driving inefficient speakers would be a little easier. As far as i'm concerned, almost anything in the larger B&W lineups requires the 200w. There is also a slight difference in sound quality (better lows, more dynamic highs). I was planning on going the 1095 + N804 route until my wallet laughed at me.

    I was able to check out a CDM-7nt setup with the 1075 and too be honest it was quite awesome. They had LOTR playing at the local high end shop, and i was pretty much blown away. Upon a closer look i saw that they actually had the rsp-1098 going, maybe thats why it was so damn good.

    I think, in the end, i'm gonna go with the 1075 and save some money up for the better pre-amp - 1098. Maybe settle on some nice paradigm studio 60'sv3 (saw those last weekend too, heh heh-meLIKES!

    But then again, i like to buy things once. and i really don't wanna wonder if I could've gotten better.

    Bottom line is: the 1075 should do fine. If you have the extra cash spring for the 1095. Or better yet, see if you're store offers upgrades (most good stores will). If you can get 100% trade in for 6-12 months after you pick up your 1075, you can save a little more for the big bad ass and still have a good amp for the short run.

    just my 2 cents,

    P.S. Here's some reviews
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    • greggz
      Senior Member
      • Jun 2002
      • 317

      No doubt about it. The 1075 or the 1095 will be noticable improvement over a reciever. Go for it!

      Re: the 1075 vs the 1095, from Stereophile's Guide to Home Theater
      (sorry, more technical mumbo-jumbo you hate to make a point)

      A quick comparison of the RMB-1075's internal parts shows how Rotel made this less expensive version of their RMB-1095. The RMB-1075 uses only one 1.5kVA toroidal transformer instead of the RMB-1095's two 1.2kVA devices. The power supply includes eight 10,000µF slit-foil capacitors, vs. eight 22,000µf devices in the larger, more powerful amp. The output amplification comprises twenty 130W/15-amp transistors, down from the larger unit's thirty 150W/15-amp devices.
      Translation: There's less guts in the 1075. The 1075 weighs in at about half what the 1095 weighs.

      You ask a question that I see often. "I know the power on these two is different but how is the peformance?" The fallicy of this question is that power IS an important attribute of performance. Which handles better in normal traffic, a Porsche or a Volkswaggen? The Porsche, of course. Its got the power to get off the line faster. Its got the power to push it thru and out of the turns faster. Its got the power to pass, and to pass quickly and with authority. Its got the bigger, more powerfull, breaks to stop faster. These are all examples where more power (not MAX power) are making a performance difference.

      If you believe that Rotel gives outstanding performance relative to the price, and Rotel in turn feels that the 1095 should be priced at double what the 1075 is, then you should feel that both amps are fairly priced. I'm not saying that the 1095 sounds twice as good as the 1075, but that it probably costs Rotel twice as much to build the 1095 as the 1075. Extra power does not come cheap, and probably the bulk of that cost difference is in getting from 150w up to 200w.

      You wont go wrong with either the 1075 or the 1095, but the 1095 will give you a lot more power headroom to upgrade your speakers without getting the urge to upgrade your amp again. The 1095 is a good choice if you think that this will be your amp for the next 5 to 10 years.

      But, if the amp you are purchasing now is only to hold you over for the next 2 to 3 years, before moving up another level (to say Classe', Theta, Krell, etc...), then save your money now and buy the 1075.


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      • ht_addict
        Senior Member
        • Dec 2002
        • 508

        greggz, I emailed Rotel on the number and size of capacitors in the 1095 because of the Sterophiles article. If you look at Rotel's website they say only "Eight 15,000 uf British-made BHC slit foil capacitors". Never did get an answer from Rotel on that one. Did they downgrade the specs of the 1095 for the 2004 model year?

        BKSinAZ, as far as picking between the two it really depends on a number of things. Beginning mostly with the speakers used and you room layout. If your within 1m of your speakers your going to hit reference levels at about 32-64w per channel(90db efficiency). Now the further your away the more power its going to take. So this brings into play the room layout. Take a look at this link for help on calculating possible db levels and what kind of power is needed.

        My honest opinion is if you have the $$$ go with the 1095. Its worth every penny. You could also look at used to get the price down. I got lucky with my 1095 when I walked into my dealer and walked out with one for $1550CDN/$1100US. Otherwise you'll be very happy with the 1075 like most people on this forum who own one.



        • Azeke
          Super Senior Member
          • Mar 2003
          • 2123


          I also agonized over the choices between the RMB-1075 and RMB-1095. There are a number of factors that influenced my decision. The first was budget, I determined that I didn't want to purchase the RMB-1075 and then later upgrade, so I bought the 1095 (better internals) and used my Yami RX-V3200 as a pre-pro. Next, I decided I needed a dedicated pre-pro (didn't know this initially), in comes the RSP-1066, I was indeed impressed at the sonic improvement over my Yami. Okay, so far I'm happy right, no way, the upgrade bug bites (again) and the opportunity arises for the RSP-1098 (upgrade policy). The sonic improvement that the RSP-1098 provided was indeed gratifying and worth the upgrade (IMHO). Okay, so I am know I'm really happy right, no, now I wonder about 7 channel capabilities. I had extra speakers (JBL Pro III's), why don't I try a separate amp (RB-1050) on a trial basis.

          So here I am with 7 channels and thus far a happy man, (further evaluation of 7 channel capability is to be determined), thus far I am impressed at least in HT mode.

          My point is as follows, depending on your budget go for what you can afford. If you can afford it go for the RSP-1098 and the RMB-1095 and don't look back. Next, you can go for the RSP-1098 and the RMB-1075 option. Next, the RSP-1066 and RMB-1095, etc. All this depends on your preferences and budget. There are many combinations to consider, but only you can determine your needs (speakers, dvd, plasma, wires, etc.), these needs should be considered and prioritized before your purchase. Just be aware that this is a perpetual hobby, but to most of us a very enjoyable one. Good luck and let us know what you decide.




          • teekster
            Junior Member
            • Jul 2003
            • 23

            Why not demo each and decide for yourself? I upgraded from a 1075 to a 1085. I owned the 1075 for 2 years and was very happy with it. I got the upgrade bug that a previous poster mentioned. After plugging in the 1095, I did notice an improvement immediately. At substantial decibels, the sound was more relaxed. I thought that my speakers (Kef Reference 2) sounded as though there was less effort involved in producing music.

            At the the time I bought my 1075, I didn't have the means to look higher. If you do, I would certainly give it a shot.


            • SpOoNmAn
              Senior Member
              • Sep 2003
              • 518

              I went for the 1075 for a few reasons, and price was not one of them. If I believed that the 1095's power would be needed then I would have gotten it. I am completely satisfied with my 1075, and then some.

              I chose the 1075 because some of my Def Techs have built in subs, relieving the amp of pulling bass duties and I assume it will have more current for the mids and highs.

              As of right now, I still have 5.1. When I go 7.1, I am getting 2 pair of Def Tech 2006's for rear and side surrounds. My center already has a sub so thats set. The 1075 will then be handling the 4 surrounds and the center, all which will take care of the bass themselves. I will then get the 1080 2 channel down the road for my mains.

              I am running my BP30's(non powered) on Large with the 1075 for 2 channel listening, and anyone who doubts the 1075 is capable of excellent 2 channel sound is missing out. If I was't planning on having all powered towers, I would spring for the 1095, no question about it.

              Think about the long term and what you might want to do later down the road. It might help to clear your mind and make the decision easier 8) Good luck!

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