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  • Scarp
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    • Mar 2003
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    Found some info on the new cd player.

    Its from a german site called http://www.gute-anlage.de (translates into www.good-system.de), which is a site from the german distributor I think. They have the RCD1072 listed at 899 euro with the following text:

    The Rcd-1072 of ROTEL is an advancement of the successful model Rcd-1070. our intention is it to prove again thereby our call as developers and manufacturers to excellent CD player.

    In the Rcd-1072 an extremely vibration-poor, high-strength drive assembly is used from carbon-coated polymer. This high-quality mechanical basis is the first and fundamental condition for high sound quality.

    Beyond that contain the Rcd-1072 from Denis the Morecroft developed and in Great Britain manufactured "Slit Foil" condensers. With these the printed circuit boards from aluminum foil will provide with tiny perforations, which dam the otherwise usual circuital vector fields within electrolytic capacitors effectively. Typically these so-called increase "eddy currents" (eddy currents), the condenser are the larger. Slit Foil condensers possess very small dielectric loss characteristics and extremely fast time constants (for up and unloading times) regarding their storage capacity.

    Owing to further modifications we could obtain substantial progress and improvements opposite the Rcd-1070.

    In puncto optics ROTEL carried out a completely symmetrical Design of the front plate with centrically sitting drive assembly with the Rcd-1072 now.

    Substantial klangliche improvements were obtained after several hundred hours of intensive work. During this time construction units in different building groups were purposefully exchanged and extensive hearing tests were accomplished. The revision of components in the periphery of the clock generator (clock oscillator) led to higher dissolution of detail and improved spatialness. Beyond that the improvement of construction units in the section around the D/A transducer filter chip PCM 1732 of Burr Brown (which contains the HDCD decoding) as well as a Upgrade of construction units in the similar output stage to a fuller, more precise bass led.
    (used babelfish to translate from german to English, so don't complain to me about the crappy english).

    The original page is here

    And more on the german rotel distributor website:
    http://www.rotel-hifi.com/cd-players/index.htm (in german)
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