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  • Karri
    Junior Member
    • Apr 2003
    • 14

    1055 and DTS question

    I've had my 1055 for quite awhile now and recently added a centre and 2 fronts, so therefore I am now 5.1. I was wondering why when I watch a DVD in DTS all is quiet on the western front. I would probably say its happened since I've had the amp but thought it was due to my system being only 2.1. My DVD player is a Toshiba SD 2109 and has DTS digital out capiblities but only 48KHZ signal sent to the Rotel. Even when the DVD disc is setup for DTS its still Quiet. Wouldn't the processor in the 1055 decipher the DTS signal and give me the DTS sound. Thanking you in advance and have a great day.
  • Azeke
    Super Senior Member
    • Mar 2003
    • 2123


    I am not totally familiar with the 1055 but I have some fundamental suggestions. First make sure you are running a digital audio or toslink cable, DTS doesn't work with analogue cables. Secondly, you need to check the DVD menu and ensure that you are doing bitstream conversion.
    Last, check the menu settings on your 1055.

    Hope this helps,



    • Danbry39
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Sep 2002
      • 1584

      Azeke is pretty spot on.

      Have you gone to the speaker setup section of the settings and inputed that you have surround channels? In your DVD player, did you select DTS bitstream in their setup menu? Finally, in your Rotel, have you selected the particular toslink or coaxial input and associated this with the DVD digital input? For instance, if you're using Video 1, in your setup menu, you need to designate which toslink or coaxial you're using for the feed from the DVD player to the Rotel.

      Like he said, make sure there is a digital interconnect from the DVD player to the Rotel and that you have selected DTS on the DVD's menu. Usually, when the DVD options appear, with things like play movie, chapter select, there will be one button to push which allows you to select DTS if that is an option with that disc.

      You might also try it on another DTS encoded disc to make sure it isn't just the one you've been using.

      Let us know if the problem persists. We'll try to track down the problem if it does.



      • Karri
        Junior Member
        • Apr 2003
        • 14

        Thanks guys for the input. I got it figured out. Silly me I didn't program my 1055 remote for audio setup of the Toshbia DVD player. I guess I thought it would just pick the best signal. So I do have my Bitstream/PCM hooked up to Digital Input via my monster interlink digital cable. Thanks once again and I'll enjoy tonight. Have a great night.


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