New 1055 Owner Next Upgrade?

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  • Jsapp
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2003
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    New 1055 Owner Next Upgrade?

    Hello all,

    I have now owned my RSX 1055 for almost a month and have been amazed by the clean sound, easy configuartion and programmable remote. I am starting to think about saving for my next upgrade. How much and how long I need to save will depend on what I do so some advice from Rotel owners would help

    Curretn setup:

    Fronts paradigm Monitor 7
    Center Paradigm CC370
    Rears Paradigm Mini Monitors
    Sub Woofer Paradigm PW 2200
    DVD Toshiba SD 4800 (also used through digital output to 1055 for CD playback)
    X Box
    Digital Cable box (Motarolla)
    Toshiba 51H83 RPTV

    My room is 15 X 17 (but with an opening onto the stairs which makes it a weird shape and size)

    I Now use the system maybe 25 % TV 30% DVD, 25% Music (increasing since I got the Rotel) and 20% X Box games

    What would be my best improvement for next upgrade. I do not belive in expensive cables my speaker cables (I made them myself) won't get changed.

    1. Dedicated CD player maybe $500 (all proices canadian
    2. New DVD/AUdio player $800 Canadian
    3. 2 Ch amp RB 1070 $ 900 Can ?
    4. 5 Ch amp 1075 $1700 Can?
    6. Upgrade speakers to Paradigm studio series $1000 PLUs (I probably will stick with Paradigm becuase I can get nearly full value on a trade in. I may have a difficult time selling my current speakers to go to a different brand (other than Totem or JM Labs that my dealer carries)

    The more expensive the longer I have to save. What would you guys do if you were me. I still have to get it past the wife but I can start saving NOW.
  • Andrew Pratt
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 16507

    Well that's a nice list of gear you already have so I'd suggest that if you're going to upgrade don't bother with minor tweaks wait and do something that will really improve the system. For you that could be something like adding a projector for that "BIG" screen feel or swaping out the main speakers from some of the studio's to get better 2 channel sound. For the PJ you can get the Panny PT200U from tigerdirect for under $1500 cdn which is a great price on a nice PJ...there's nothing like a huge screen to give you that movie feel...not that your RPTV isn't big but it certinatly isn't a 7 foot wide screen either If you're happy with the video side and want to look into improving audio the two things I'd look at would be 1) get better speakers and 2) look at the high resolution players either DVD-A or SACD (or both with a universal play).


    • Danbry39
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Sep 2002
      • 1584

      A lot would depend on your listening habits and situation.

      Have heard, but never owned, Paradigm speakers. Yours are rated at 93 decibels sensitivity, so they're pretty efficient. On the other hand, your listening space is relatively large, with openings. So, a good question is whether additional amp power would serve you well. Assuming you've calibrated your system, I'd try to figure how hard it has to be driven to achieve reference. If you're well within a comfortable range, I'd look elsewhere for my next step.

      Do you listen to a lot of CD's? I do and so a nice CD player would definitely be high up on my list. I have a Toshiba 4700 and the CD playback is just okay on it. The DVD-A playback had a poor reputation, but supposedly the 4800 greatly improved on this. Perhaps the CD playback did also. I know that dedicated players like the Sony 222ES feature SACD playback, and generally have a fine reputation. I think the msrp of the 222ES is $499 U.S., but have heard that it can be found discounted pretty nicely.

      Despite the above, some of the new universal DVD players will fall within your price range in the near future, where prices in this category seem to be dropping quickly. Something like the Denon 1400, scheduled for release in the fall, hopefully will offer good audio/video performance in all categories.

      As regards your speakers, only you can probably answer if the difference in sound justifies the extra expenditure. The trade in value seems pretty tempting, though, if you really like the sound of the studio series.



      • Energeezer
        Senior Member
        • Sep 2002
        • 147

        I am currently using a Paradigm/Rotel sys and i have a couple suggestions.
        If you are using cheap cabling I would consider upgrading to some middle of the road stuff like Kimber PBJ or equivalent. You would be astounded at the diff this makes over cheapo interconnects.
        I also agree with Andrew that a major upgrade would be more appreciated. You are at the point now where you have to chase small improvements with sig cash. I have never done a direct comparrison between monitor and ref series so I can not help you there.
        Assuming the monitors are good I would go with cabling first then a major upgrade to your source. For example I just went from a Cambridge Audio D300 CD (for sale BTW) to an Arcam FMJ CD23 and it is one of the best upgrades I have ever done. It took a little nerve since many prople say all CDPs sound the same but NOT!!!
        Of course most mortals can not afford high end equip such as the FMJ so you could do what I did and spend some time in the classifieds, e-bay and Audiogon until you find the sweet deal.
        For example check this

        The Future of HT lies in FP SPREAD THE WORD
        The Future of HT lies in FP SPREAD THE WORD


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