Power cable recommendation for Rotel gear?

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  • gchow
    Junior Member
    • May 2003
    • 7

    Power cable recommendation for Rotel gear?

    The other day, my friend let me borrow his MIT Magnum AC1 power cord. I was a little skeptical on how much of a difference the cord could make, but as it turns out, I *think* it did improve the sound of my RSX-1055.

    So, I was just wondering what other Rotel users out there were using for power cords? Any suggestions? I really like the MIT, but my wife would slice me up and feed me to the dog if I spent $800 on a power cord... :roll:

    Looking at Audioadvisor, the cheapest cord they sell is the Cardas Twilink at $96 for 5'. Are there any DIY solutions out there?
  • Matt Sprouls
    • Apr 2003
    • 83

    I have two BrickWall's, one on my 1095 and a second on my 1055, DVD, Etc...

    The BrickWall provides great Surge and Noise protection. I plan on Building a DIY A/C cord in the future.



    • Scarp
      Senior Member
      • Mar 2003
      • 632

      gchow, this is not a real Rotel specific question. Maybe you are better served posing this question in the appropiate group.
      In general there can be a hearable improvement of sound when using better cables or line filters. However this is really a tricky business and not all cables or filters give the required results.
      Especially line filters can have a reduced quality of poweramps, so using it on a receiver could also be not so very good.

      My suggestion is keep it in balance. So do *NOT* buy a power cable of 600 dollar for a 2000 dollar receiver. The same way you should not buy a a 600 dollar interlink for such equipment. It just makes no sense.

      Try and do a real blind test and hear if you really hear a difference. If there is an improvement then think by yourself if its worth the money. If not then stick to the already good sound quality of your Rotel, if yes then buy it. But keep it in proportion.


      • Danbry39
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Sep 2002
        • 1584

        A lot of people have used this brand and reported good results for a moderate price. I have no personal experience with their power cords myself though.



        • Lex
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Apr 2001
          • 27461

          I don't build power cords, but I do sell the Eichmann Power Express at Quantum Cable. It's a great cord, but a bit pricey at 300. Click the banner at the bottom to take a look at it.

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          • Claude D D
            Senior Member
            • Jan 2003
            • 465

            I use these DIY power cords on my Rotel gear.Inexpensive to build and work great.

            Here's a link to were you can get the parts.It's in Canada so the exchange rate is good for US residents.


            • TonyPTX
              • Apr 2003
              • 39

              I've been running a SignalCable MagicPower Power Cord on my Rotel since the day I unboxed it. Did I notice an audible improvement? Probably not. However I felt that it was a cheap upgrade to try out for $50. You may get better results from installing a power conditioner/line filter. I'm currently looking at Richard Grays Power Company gear.


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              • Mats
                Special Member
                • Jun 2000
                • 1326

                lex, what's your professional opinion on this topic either way? if we're spending money to upgrade our wires and cables, i figure there's got to be a difference in 'stock' power cords and aftermarkets?

                btw, i run everything (except my subwoofer) through a panamax 5300. haven't done a test run without the line conditioner to see if it filters out the 'dirty stuff'; but i figured the surge protection was well worth the cost in any event.
                Mats Strömberg
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