Took the plunge on an RSX 1055

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  • Jsapp
    Junior Member
    • Jun 2003
    • 28

    Took the plunge on an RSX 1055

    After months of searching, lots of great advice from forum I finnaly made a commitment by putting a deposit on a Rotel RSX 1055.

    I was "this close" to buying the NAD T752 becuase it had excellent power, sounded almost as good as the Rotel and cost a lot less. But I still had quality concerns and the dealer just was not as friendly as some others. I thought about a Denon 2803 which has gotten glowing reviews from S&V but it just didn't seem that much of an upgrade over my Denon 1603. The 3803 was very close to the same price as the rotel and has even more rated power and more features but I really only need 5.1 right now.

    So in the end with my Wife's blessing to exceed my origional budget a new Rotel 1055 is on its way (hopefull to arrive the same time as my new Tosiba 51 inch RPTV). I think I am probably paying parley for the mystique of having a Rotel (kinda like buying an Infinity when you could buy a Nissan) but also I justify it to myself (and my wife too) as planning for the future with the upgradable software and its performance as a pre pro for when I eventually add amps.

    I will be powering Monitor 7s, CC370, Mini Monitor surrounds and a PW2200 in a 15 X 17 room. I have hopes for this and I 'll be sure to post updates when it all comes together. Any owners of Similar systems want to share any insights or advice?
  • Matt Sprouls
    • Apr 2003
    • 83

    My system is similar to yours.

    Rotel 1055
    Sony DVP-NS900V DVD/SACD
    Monitor 7
    SA-25 Rear
    MartinLogan Depth Subwoofer
    MIT AVT2 interconnects and speaker cables
    Room 13x20

    I think you will be very happy with your system. I enjoy mine.
    I was looking to put together a HT system but I am enjoying 2 channel more than ever. I auditioned a PW2200 and Servo-15 for a couple of days at home. Both are very impressive at their price points. The Servo-15 moves a ton of air!!! Chapter 15 on U571 was unbelievable.

    I am currently upgrading my fronts and center. I have ordered a pair of Thiel 2.4’s and a Thiel MCS1 for the center.


    • Danbry39
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Sep 2002
      • 1584


      Welcome to the club. Personally, I don't know about the NAD, but, if you listen to CD's also, the Rotel, imo, easily bests the Denon. Yes, I guess Rotel might have some mystique, but the sonic quality is well befitting of it's price tag. As far as rated power, I don't really think you'll notice that much difference between the Rotel and Denon in real world listening situations.

      And, give that wife of yours a big hug. That was a nice gesture on her part.

      Let us know how you like it when it's set up. Betcha like it. :T



      • Andrew Pratt
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
        • 16507

        There have been a few people looking at the NAD and most have choosen the Rotels as far as I know...or maybe its just those that did choose the Rotels stuck around Either way there's a few Club Rotelers that have been down the same path and choosen wisely


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