802D - looking for some advice

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  • ciddan
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2009
    • 1

    802D - looking for some advice

    I want to buy a pair of B&W 802D's, however would like to hear some advice from you veterans before running to the shop.

    1) I just read that a new series of 802d is due to come out, so is it worth waiting? Do you expect the 'old' 802d to drop significantly? Currently they cost HKD 107k, which is 13,800 USD. Are the new ones sounding and looking different?

    2) Along with the speakers, I will need a new amp. I was thinking of the Accuphase E-450 as it has some excellent reviews, but am not sure if they go along well with the 802. Is it a good choice or are there any other recommendations for a similar budget (around USD 6k)?

    Thanks in advance
  • htsteve
    Super Senior Member
    • Sep 2004
    • 1216


    First all all, welcome to the forum!

    As to your questions, they are very good. The price you got quoted seems to be pretty good. I believe there is a 15-20% price increase to come on the new models. So now is a good time to get the current models.

    Since none of us have seen or have details on the new models, I will be hard to really speak to that.

    As an 802D owner, I can definitely tell you that they are tremendous performers. They do all things well. Dynamics, detail, soundstage, etc. are all excellent. They can also be the anchor of a great HT system, as they are in mine.

    What are your current speakers?

    As for amplification, you are wise to consider a very good amp. The 802D's abslutely love current and a refined amp. The E-450 appears to be an integrated amp with 180 watts per channel. It should drive the 802D's pretty well. But a dedicated amp will bring out more of the speakers capabilities. The 802D's can be run off of a multi channel amp (I did that for awhile), but a stereo amp is definitely better.

    I have McIntosh equipment with my speakers. I really like that combo (obviously!). B&W dealers would also likely be Classe dealers.

    The best thing to do is to try an demo the 802D's with familiar source material with electronics in your price range. Your ears will help you decide.

    Hope this helps.


    • mjb
      Super Senior Member
      • Mar 2005
      • 1483

      The current model 802d is a great, if not legendary, speaker. It will probably remain desirable a long after the range is updated, and certainly won't suddenly sound any worse, so if you can get a pair for a good price - go for it.

      Amp wise, you want around 200 watts of quality power for an 802d. Rotel works well at the low price end, McIntosh or Classe if you want to spend a bit more. My wish would be for Classe, but I'm using Rotel Class D now, and it sounds very, very good.

      Good luck!
      - Mike

      Main System:
      B&W 802D, HTM2D, SCMS
      Classé SSP-800, CA-2200, CA-5100


      • pazu
        • Nov 2009
        • 77

        Did somebody never use a hybrid amplifier? - pre with tubes, final with mosfets.

        I use this solution to drive my 803S and I think it's very interesting - 220 W RMS/8 ohms, 360/4, 670/2.


        • Navy
          Junior Member
          • Jan 2006
          • 13

          My previous gear was Accuphase E-408 with B&W 802D and I am sure that E-450 (like its predecessor, the E-408) will do the job quite well. I recently switched to Accuphase P-7100 power amp but tried other integrated before (McIntosh MA7000, Abbingdon Music Research AM-77 etc). If you think of an integrated amp be sure it is at least as capable as Accuphase.


          • d52232dole
            • May 2009
            • 34

            I'd get the current model of 802Ds now, you will enjoy it, while waiting for market review/response of new 802Ds for 1-2 years then it will not be too late for upgrade if you need to.

            About prices, I got a pair of 802Ds in Vietnam 5 months ago and it's about $9k (brand new), don't know why it's more expensive in HK or elsewhere.

            About amp, I heard a lot of reviews/feedback that those 800 Series are well coupled with Krell amps, so initially I had a pair of Krell 2250 bridged at 1000 wpc, and I enjoyed them for 4 months. Now just upgraded to Krell 400 Evolution, still exploring but I love them so far.

            BTW, I love Accuphase amps too. They look awesome.


            • Navy
              Junior Member
              • Jan 2006
              • 13

              Ciddan, just some more thoughts on pairing Accuphase with B&W 802D... Go for a home audition. Accuphase and 802D equals synergy (IMHO) but the speakers are very placement sensitive. Home audition is a must. Also make shure you get a well burned-in gear. If you have a possibility to choose cables I suggest to use some "fast" and "transparent" cables. Bass control ability may be crucial. I use Shunyata both on power and signal paths but the ones like Nordost, Acrolink or Synergistic (and certainly some other top notch makes) will be fine as well.


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