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Integrated Amp for CDM 9NT

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  • Integrated Amp for CDM 9NT

    Hey all,

    Just purchased a pair of B&W CDM 9NT's and have an old Onkyo TX-8211 that i'm guessing isn't sufficient for the 9NT's. Looking for a good integrated amp to purchase. Doesn't have to be too loud, just enough drive for the 9NT's. I also spent a large portion of my budget on the speakers so if anyone could recommend a good bargain amp that'd be great!

    A couple websites recommend the NAD C320BEE as a good budget integrated amp. It's priced around 400.

    Any help or recommendations will be very helpful. Thanks.

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    Hi BIF,

    Welcome to the HTGuide Forum!

    The recommended minimum power to drive the CDM9NT is 50 watts into 8 ohms (see attached specs). The Onkyo TX-8211 is rated at 55 watts into 8 ohms so it should certainly work. However the general rule is that speakers perform better with more power so in an ideal world you should be looking for something around 200 watts into 8 ohms to get the best out of your new speakers.

    The NAD C320BEE is rated at 50 watts into 8 ohms so it's unlikely to be any better than your Onkyo. However that's just theory. The only way to really find out is to try it.

    As a minimum I'd be looking for a second hand integrated amp like the Rotel RA-985 which is rated at 100 watts into 8 ohms.

    It probably makes more sense to wait and save up for a better amp than buy an inferior one now that you'll end up selling for a low price later when you're sick of it.

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      in past I have had the cdm7nt, very good serie's.

      In stereo tried whit a new RB1070 (ampli 2x100 Icepower - Rotel) plus
      pre RC1082.



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        B&W and ampli

        and integrated Rotel Rx1052

        but personaly the 2 pieces will be better
        (RB1072 not 1070)

        if you like a NAD the Masterserie(M3) is sure a good gear but more
        expensive as Rotel..

        (sorry for confusion..)

        greetings from Switzerland


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          Thanks for your help guys. Turns out I checked ebay and they had a Rotel RC1090 preamp that I just bought for $575, which seemed like a pretty good deal.

          Would you recommend sticking with Rotel for the amplifier? Any other suggestions?

          Thanks again.


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            I would go for the Rotel RB-1080 to match. The RB-1070 is not bad either, but for the very small price difference (particularly on the used market) the 1080 will have the reserves when you need them.


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              Hi Bif,
              I also used to have the cdm7nt, and they like power. The 9NT will want more with the extra driver and the FST midrange. Go for an amp at least 200 watts/8 ohm.


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