I Did Not Violate These Rules

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  • crytklmass
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2008
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    I Did Not Violate These Rules

    Cable Rules, all members please read
    A little history:
    1. This forum is part of www.matrixav.us.

    2. MatrixAV.US owns not only a forum, but also 2 cable brands.

    3. HTGuide exists as part of the Matrix business model. It doesn't exist for the sole purpose of the "good of man" only. Yes, we do good deeds here, and it was our original calling. But also, we are a business with requirements to stay in business.

    So, here are the cable rules as modified on 09/23/05:

    1. Casual cable discussion is expected as part of audio video in general. During that discussion, a brand of cables may be mentioned, but not "advertised". It is not permissible to list a hot link or otherwise FULL URL to that company's site during casual conversation about that brand/cable. nor may promotional materials be presented on that cable brand's behalf, whether online or brick and morter.

    2. More freedom is given to DEALER ONLY SOLD PRODUCTS discussion. Kimber Cable, Audioquest, Nordost are a few. These are the brands you primarily only find at your local dealer. This is especially true of our own A/V retail advertisers store only products. We support those dealers products.

    3. Web brands of cables other than the house brands are allowed limited discussion rights by individual users only, NO dealers or manufacturer presense, or "Shills" that exist at the express intent of the dealer or manufacturer. The cables can be mentioned, but not promoted. They can be listed in your profile as used by you, but not advertised as a cure all in every thread asking about cables. If you like one, you can mention it "to a point". But if it becomes an all consuming thing for any individual or product, with talk of that product dominating discussions, those rights can quickly evaporate and be deleted in whole or part up to and including member termination.

    4. Threads for the pure purpose of exploring every cable brand known to mankind whether web or store brand are not allowed as they have been determined to be a hot bed of contention from past experience.

    6. Cable posts like any other post on the forum, may at the express views of management be deleted in part or whole, as determined by management for the good of this forum or it's advertisers.

    Audio video cable discussions may only exist according to above guidelines in Primetime AV sections Audio, both video sections, spaced out, as well as being allowed modest discussion rights in the clubs on a trial basis.

    Some exceptions may apply, and these rules are subject to change.

    Thank you.
  • crytklmass
    Senior Member
    • Dec 2008
    • 145

    im no dealer, no links were made, im not condoning the brand. I work for a company that thrives on rules and areas to be exploited, I found many. If anyone works for the RailRoad they KNOW what im talking about, they have rules to rules. its crazy.


    • Ovation
      Super Senior Member
      • Sep 2004
      • 2202

      It is a private site. The owner can set whatever discussion rules he wants and you can either abide by them or stop coming to the site. That is pretty much the extent of your rights in this matter.


      • Kevin P
        • Aug 2000
        • 10809

        I suggest you re-read the rules, especially #9:
        # When management action (moderation) occurs to one thread at the forum up to and including deletion of a thread, that event is not to be discussed in other threads/posts. Doing so will result in post being deleted, and warning not to do so again. Repeated violations will be grounds for membership termination.
        If you have an issue with something a mod did, the first thing to do is send a PM to that mod. Venting on the forum will just get you booted faster.

        This gives the staff a chance to review their actions, and if a mistake was made (either on your part or the mods'--we're all human beings after all), things can be addressed peacefully. Being polite helps too.


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