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  • Eduardo
    Moderator emeritus
    • Jun 2002
    • 1258


    I'm at a point that I need to decide on my next upgrade. The decision will ultimately be mine but I would to know what are your thoughts. It will either be a Rotel 1055, Hitachi 51S700 or Bear table saw/build speakers.

    Hitachi 51S700 - Current display is a Zineth 27" using the composite connection from my reciever. Price matching Circuit City and with rebate the TV will cost around $1750. My wife and I looked at the set in Sears and liked the PQ. Pros: Wide Screen, HDTV (w/tuner), great PQ. Cons: Size, Display limitations (i.e. No 720P)

    Rotel 1055: Current Reciever is a Sony STR-DE835. As most here know, Rotel is a great processor for the money. Cost will be around $1300. Pros: Better sound quality, stronger amps, upgradable to seperate amps. Cons: Sub-Par speakers

    Table Saw/Build Speaker - Current speakers are Klipsh SB-1 for mains, Klipsh SC-1 for CC and JBL Sat for rear. Plan has always been to build speakers. I have decided which ones though (That will be a complete seperate thread). The table saw is a Grizzly (similar product) Cost for the Table saw will be $600 used and speaker kit. Pros: New speaker and table saw that can be used for many other projects. Cons: nothing to drive speakers.

    So what would you do?
  • JonMarsh
    Mad Max Moderator
    • Aug 2000
    • 15270

    Hi Edurado,

    Maybe it's because I have some OK audio stuff, but am not really where I'd like to be on the video end (just a presentation monitor in my bedroom), that I'm likely to say, "Get the HDTV!"

    Hitachi's are well engineered sets with above average optics and CRT tubes. The S700 series is quite nice, with a good built in tuner; if I was shopping for an RPTV, it would be high up on my list of choices to examine carefully (along with Toshiba), and if you can get it locally for $1750, with rebates and all, that's a very good price. There are cheaper ways to get into widescreen HDTV, but not at that quality level. (anyone seen the widescreen Panasonic at Walmart for ~$1250?

    Get that Hitachi, you and your wife will find a really big jump in your viewing enjoyment (from 27" TV with composite), and you can gradually add in the other upgrades. I'd do the speakers next, as they'll make a bigger initial difference in the sound quality than the electronics, then go for electronics upgrades to get the most of the speakers you select.

    Best wishes for the holidays,


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    • Sonnie Parker
      • Jan 2002
      • 2858

      Hey Eduardo...

      Since you have off setting pro/cons for the receiver/speakers I'd think about grouping that upgrade together if possible later down the road. Go for a bigger display for now. After being with a 61" and a 65" for over 10 years now it hurt us to have to watch a 35" while our set was being replaced for over 90 days about a year ago. You may remember the incident we went through with Toshiba. Anyway... point being... the larger image is absolutely the best upgrade we have ever made in our home theater experience. I could probably be satisfied with about any of our home theater systems we have had over the years... but please don't make me watch a 27" screen with all the widescreen availability now.

      Actually if you are happy with a 51" image you might even consider going the projector route. If you went with a Z1 or 1HD you could possibly swing the table saw too. With either of those pj's you could get an awesome 60"-80" image and have a little bigger than a 51" you are looking into. Just a thought.


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      • Andrew Pratt
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
        • 16507

        I'd upgrade the video but I wouldn't get the RPTV instead I'd opt for a projector for movies and keep the 27" for regular TV shows and news etc. If you went with the 1HD you'd even have some left over for a "real" screen or you could build one on the cheap and have some left over to start saving up for the table saw or new DVD player etc. Point being go video first.


        • Lex
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Apr 2001
          • 27461

          I've got to second the projector suggestion, even 3rd it.

          I'm not that convinced any RPTV will last all that long. I dont' know why, but from what I've seen, everyone has problems within just a few short years. Projectors may be no better, but at a grand each entry level, after 3 years, you can throw it away, get a new updated one, and come out ahead of the game.

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          • Eduardo
            Moderator emeritus
            • Jun 2002
            • 1258

            Thanks for the advice guys. We decided to go with the Hitachi. Sears is also having 12 months free financing. I'm so excited I have butterflies in my stomach.

            FP - I've seriously thought of going FP but I have some limitations that prevent me doing it. Screen size will only be limited to no more than 55". Ther are 2 ceiling fans that would need to be moved and a pull down screen will also be needed. This is not dedicated room, its also my office and soon to be play room .



            • David Meek
              Moderator Emeritus
              • Aug 2000
              • 8938

              Hey Eduardo, I think you made the right choice, although that Bear table saw is certainly tempting. Once you do buy that saw, watch out - your "honey do" list will grow exponentially!

              I truly believe now that a big screen TV, whether RPTV, plasma or FP makes the single largest difference in our enjoyment and immersion in movies. Having gotten used to a 58" 16:9 screen the last 3 years, now that I'm using a 25" (until we get everything relocated) I truly "see" what we miss when watching on smaller screens. The feeling of "you are there" is gone, even on my favorite movies. Add to all this the fact that the Hitachi has gotten some nice reviews and you'll be having to tear yourself away from it. Enjoy those butterflies and enjoy your big screen when it comes.

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              • Eduardo
                Moderator emeritus
                • Jun 2002
                • 1258

                We did it. :dance: I know you guys like FP but just doesn't seem like the right solution.

                The set should arrive on 1/10/04. In the mean time I'm going to need to relocate my cabinet and equipment. I don't have a heavy center channel so it will have no problem sitting on top of the TV. Also I will be setting up and antenna in my attic to start recieving OTA HDTV.

                Originally posted by jonmarsh
                and if you can get it locally for $1750, with rebates and all, that's a very good price. There are cheaper ways to get into widescreen HDTV, but not at that quality level.
                I totally agree Jon. The final price after PM, rebates, taxes and delivery charges $1856 which I think is a hell of a deal.

                I will be starting a new thread in the RPTV section. Since I don't have anything to compare to the tv, I will describing my experience and what tweaks will be done. Hopefully in the future the system will be ISF calibrated by our man Gregg Lowman.



                • George Bellefontaine
                  Moderator Emeritus
                  • Jan 2001
                  • 7637

                  Whatever way works the best is the way to go, Eduardo. You can still have a lot of enjoyment watching movies on a bigscreen TV.

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                  • Aeromos
                    Senior Member
                    • Jun 2003
                    • 192

                    Congrats eduardo!! I too was looking at the Hitachi before. They're well built and picture quality is great. Enjoy it!!

                    Enjoy life, it's too short to waste!!
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                    Enjoy life, it's too short to waste!!
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                    • aud19
                      Twin Moderator Emeritus
                      • Aug 2003
                      • 16706

                      I'm the proud papa of a nice Hitachi RPTV myself, great picture and I don't know a better, more affordable way to get into HDTV.

                      Congrats and I hope you enjoy your set as much as my family and I enjoy ours


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