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  • Tibor
    • Oct 2000
    • 66

    SuperBit DVDS

    Anybody try a Superbit DVD yet what are they like ?
    Do the sound and look better ?
  • John Holmes
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
    • 2703


    Look in the "DVD Director" area. There is lots of info on a few of them there!

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    • Burke Strickland
      • Sep 2001
      • 3161

      From my viewing and listening of "The Fifth Element" while playing successive scenes back-to-back with the original and the Superbit editions, I would say the difference is "subtle", not "night and day".

      While the picture is slightly more detailed and less "artifact-y", it is NOT like going from non-anamorphic to anamorphic, which is a MAJOR step up in quality with "The Rock" and "Spartacus", for example. The Dolby Digital sound was reasonably comparable, although Iwould give the edge to the new edition.

      My conclusion is -- if a movie title that I want to own, but do not already have, is someday released in a Suberbit edition, I will buy the Superbit edition. However, I am not planning to repurchase titles that are already in my collection in an anamorphic edition. Of course, if I have a non-anamorphic DVD already in hand, that decision may be different. :>)

      I broke down and bought "The Fifth Element" just to have a Superbit edition on hand, primarily because it is a movie I've seen and heard a zillion times already in demos (not an exact count, but not far off). :>) None of the other titles available in Superbit so far would have been a fair test in my system, since I am not nearly as "conversant" with them.


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      • Huskerduck
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Oct 2000
        • 129

        I personally think Desperado is night and day....DTS for me anyday! and the picture is amazing

        5th Element was outstanding before so it is subtle but still very nice in DTS

        AirForce 1 ...Very nice

        Patriot Ill let ya know friday


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        Ducks Meager Theater


        • Andrew Pratt
          Moderator Emeritus
          • Aug 2000
          • 16507

          I have crouching tiger but since I don't have the non super bit one to AB against its hard to tell if its better. With the CTHD disc I'm not giving up extra's since there aren't any on the normal version...dido for 5th E for for some movies that might be a consideration.


          • Lex
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Apr 2001
            • 27461

            I just got the box set of the 5th, Desperado, and Crouching Tiger. I started to just buy the two I really wanted, but decided the box set of the first titles of Superbit might be a nice keepsake.

            I started 5th Element late last night, and I have to say the DTS track so far has been very nice. The picture was already so good on 5th, that the improvement is suttle, I am sure. But I definitely heard more detail on the DTS track, and for a movie that I love like 5th Element, rebuying is an easy choice-

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