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  • Trevor Schell
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
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    Alpine Car Audio Project

    I had recently purchased an Alpine Car Audio system a couple of weeks back. However it did not meet my expectations so my 1997 Intrepid went back for another operation to istall some better quality components and parts. The guys did a great job as I ended up with a system that sounds pretty darn good. I just have to make sure I keep my seatbelt on so as not to bounce all over the inside of the car.

    Here's some pictures to show the final results.

    Here is the open trunk showing the sub box.

    A closer up veiw,,2 12" subs.

    The amps are Alpine V12's.

    Two V12's put out 300 watts each into the dual coil subs

    A single V12 produces 4x90watts into the rear deck 6x9's and the 5 1/4's in the front doors.

    This is the digital capacitor made by Boss that assists in powering the amps.

    This is the head unit. The face plate unfastens and fits into a little case to avoid theft.
    The head units puts out 60wattsx4. The Blue lights are mezmorizing.

    The Engine had to be modified to accomidate the system.

    A close-up of the Blue Nitro kit.


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  • Lex
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    • Apr 2001
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    All I can say is wow. I am totally impressed! So, you put Nitro on that Intrepid? :E

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    • Kevin P
      • Aug 2000
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      Nice system there Trev. I had an Alpine headunit in my first car (bottom of the line cassette stereo, in a '82 Olds Omega), and it was a nice piece. Well built, too--it survived a theft attempt (NON-professional) with only a few scratches. I had a Realistic 60 watt EQ/amp powering the rear Pioneer speakers, and the headunit powering the fronts. Nothing since has ever sounded like that system did in that car. Ahh... the memories. Of course, this was in the late 80s so I got to listen to that great 80s music on it!

      Now I just have a cheap Sony system in my current car, but then I'm a bit older and more sensible now (and wanted CD and MD capability instead of brute power this time around). I just need to ditch the factory speakers, maybe next spring.


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      • John Holmes
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        • Aug 2000
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        That is very nice work. And a nice system too! Now all you need is a dvd player and monitor.

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