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  • George Bellefontaine
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Jan 2001
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    Restoration Of Films

    I was watching The Big Country last night. I feel it qualifies as a classic western and was disappointed at the transfer. Obviously the original print is not in very good shape. The image was dark and the technicolor very drab. This film cries for a restoration, but I understand this is a very expensive process and only a few select films have been chosen for restoration. I believe Lawrence Of Arabia and Bridge On The River Kwai were two such films.
    So I was wondering, just what should be the criteria for restoration ? And what are a few older films released on dvd you feel are in bad need of restoration.

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  • KennyG
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Sep 2000
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    The only way that makes sense to me it for the studio to wait...say a year, and see how the title in question sells. If the non-restored version sells enough to make it profitable, then a restoration is warranted.


    • John Holmes
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
      • 2703

      I read at HTF that it is quite spendy to do. And that the studio tend to loose money on them. If that is so, then I'm sure that most of what I would like to see won't get done.

      Like, Re-Animator. The current disc is really poor. But I must admit that I was shocked when "Fantastic Voyage" was done. And done quite well I may add!

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      • Bob
        Senior Member
        • Jul 2000
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        I have been trying for two years to get involved in the restoration of films by becoming a telecine colorist. Would love to have some influence over what films are restored and how it is done. However, talk about closed doors. Even with the help of two directors and several directors of photography I haven't gotten anywhere. It is like a snotty secret society that doesn't want any new members unless they already know you. I think they feel threatened because they know once I get my foot in the door work will be directed to me and away from them, and beleive me, there is much money at stake. Little is done in Hollywood for the love of film, it is all about money and then the b*s* about the art is invented for the talk show circuit and the magizine articles.
        Sorry about the rant, it raised a sore point with me.


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