Desperate search for a particular component.

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  • Rock Dog
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    Desperate search for a particular component.

    :!: I know of, and have looked into many of the cd/dvd megachangers that are out there, and even purchased a Kenwood DV-5900M.

    But I am looking for other choices as well. Is/are there any other units, maybe from the higher-end, less mainstream OEMs. That I am not aware of? For example, I saw Integra had one within the past couple of years. But it must have been discontinued, because I cannot find any mention of it anymore.

    What I would really like to find is a unit that has a remote "control interface." I would love a unit that has a "black box" persee'. That can be filled and stored remotely away from the rest of the gear. And then has just the display interface, that can be setup in the rack with the rest of the gear. But the drive and changer/storage unit is say in the basement, below the stereo.

    This to me would be an ideal setup.

    So... Since this forum has so many well versed members, not to mention a large number of folks who are way ahead of the curve regarding the latest and greatest. Can some of you help me out.

    What megachanger units are out there. I'll take any suggestions from any manufacturer. :?: :?: :?:



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  • SiliGoose
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    Obviously, you can (with proper wiring) "hide" any megachanger "in the basement" or where ever you want. Sounds to me like the interface is what you're really after.

    The most flexible of megachanger control I know of begins with the Slink-e
    It's a piece of hardware that allows you to link multiple megachangers (best with Sony brands if memory serves) to one another and to your PC. The ideal set-up would incorporate a PC running their software to manage your entire CD collection and to make playback as easy as possible (emulating a well organized MP3 collection).
    Slink-e will also scan your discs via CDDB so input is automatic (assuming you have a PC connected).

    A step down from that would be a Pronto with SuperNudeList
    This basically allows you select any artist, album (or even song if you can fit it into your .ccf) via the Pronto. It's really a great little app. There's a lot more manual work needed to get it going (compared to the Slink-e) but it's much cheaper (pronto+free download of SuperNudeList).

    My knowledge of brands of megachangers is fairly limited. I like the Sony models (especially the bullet proof ES models). I know some of the Kenwood models incorporate dual laser pick-ups so change time between tracks is seemless. Pioneer was once a major player but I know little about their current models.

    I seem to recall a very high-end player from a year or two the several thousand dollar range. I suspect it no longer exists, as they have lost some ground to PC audio codecs and products like Escient's bloated and overpriced "audiophille" grade digital audio devices



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