Pre-setup suggestions for new AVM-20 owners

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  • Michael Mohrmann
    • Feb 2003
    • 51

    Pre-setup suggestions for new AVM-20 owners

    Okay, you have just brought home a brand new Anthem AVM-20 and are about to wade through the various cable connections and setup menus. Or you are considering the AVM-20 as a future purchase. Here are a couple of suggestions to help smooth over the setup process. The information below assumes that you have purchased version 2.x (v2.x) of the AVM-20. If you have version 1.x (v1.x), the information still applies, but the links and the owner's manual page references will be different.

    The first thing you should do when you remove the AVM-20 from the box is determine which version of the software is installed in it. Power up the AVM-20 by pressing the Main button in the lower right-hand corner of the front panel. After that, press the Status button in the lower middle of the front panel. The version will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the lighted display. You should see something like 2.00 or 2.03 or 2.08.

    Now, go to the link below and determine the latest software version available online. If your version is lower than the latest, you should update your AVM-20 before connecting the cables (it makes it easier this way). This will require connecting your AVM-20 to a PC with a 9-pin serial cable. There is a README included in the Zip file at the location below that describes the upgrade process.

    Okay, so you have the latest software version, or you just performed a software upgrade, or you have decided that this "Mohrmann" character is a blowhard and are setting up your system with whatever software version came with the AVM-20. Before you start entering values in the setup menus, I would suggest performing a Reload Factory Defaults first. This initializes all parameters to a known set that performs properly.

    For whatever reason, on occasion the AVM-20 will get confused after a setup is performed. Most times, performing a Reload Factory Defaults and reentering the setup parameters corrects the confusion. So, I always suggest performing the Reload first (this was the suggested procedure for the Lexicon MC-1 I use to own and hey, Lexicon knows processors!). To perform the reset, read the AVM-20 owner's manual on page 60, section 7.4.11. This will be setup menu #11, item 'e', RELOAD FACTORY DEFAULTS.

    Hopefully these couple of suggestions will make your AVM-20 setup go smoother.

    Good luck!

  • Lee-M
    Junior Member
    • Feb 2003
    • 4

    Thanks, MM... This will come in very handy when I can finally afford the Anthem (without going deeper in debt ...


    • Chas_T
      Junior Member
      • Feb 2003
      • 23

      Hey Michael,

      This is a great post for new people setting up the AVM-20 for the first time. I wish I would have known this information months ago as it took me a bit of time to come up to speed.



      • JeramyK
        Junior Member
        • Feb 2003
        • 1

        I'm glad to have stumbled onto this post. My Anthem AVM20 will be here tomorrow.



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