"NEW" Toshiba 3780 Progressive Scan Dvd Player

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  • John Holmes
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    "NEW" Toshiba 3780 Progressive Scan Dvd Player

    I've had this player for almost two weeks now. My wife surprised me with it as part of our anniversary celebration. Sorry, I cannot post a picture as Toshiba doesn't even list it on their site. Also, I can't begin to tell you how it performs in progressive mode because, I do not own an HDTV as of yet. (Father's day is coming :B )

    Toshiba SD-3780

    -multi-format playback




    -playback of compatible MP3 files

    -Duplicate key functions of your remote

    -16x zoom

    -reproduces hard to understand passages

    -stores up to 9 of your favorite locations on the disc for instant access

    -virtual surround mode

    Well, I was shocked to say the least to receive this unit. All though I mentioned several times getting one, I also made it clear that it was almost useless without a Hi-def tv. Of course, I would never turn down a gift! :B

    So, I took my Tosh SD-1200 out of the loop and inserted the SD-3780. After a quick re-cal with Avia (which is never really quick) I popped in a few disc that I was very familiar with (all in interlace mode via S-Video). TV used: JVC -32980 4:3. All viewing was done in the 16:9 mode of the SD-3780 and the JVC performing the "Anamorphic squeeze". This is the only configuration it was tested in.

    The first thing that stuckout to me was, the razor sharp picture that the SD-1200 has was gone. At first I was a little taken that, this next generation player, wasn't as detailed as the SD-1200. However, after further inspection, the picture was smoother with less jaggies and better detail. Even the color reproduction seemed more accurate. While I still did not get that 3D feeling, I began to see more of a film like presentation. Much closer to what I am used to at the theater.

    The player has both coaxial and optical outs. I used coaxial. While the sound seemed basically the same, dialogue had a little more clarity to it than the previous player. I did try two different CD-R's that played with no issues.

    This unit is also about equal in height and width to the SD-1200 but it's about a third as deep. The SD-3780 is a tad heavier than the SD-1200 by maybe a pound or so. It is also silver in color and has what I consider a better front panel display area.

    A few cons are:

    -I can hear the disc spin up from my seating position (7 to 8ft. away)
    I've never heard this on the 1200.

    - Have not seen one thing in the manual about 3:2 pull down (though it's stamped all over the box)

    -Remote is larger than the 1200's but still could use some work.

    -Have only seen them in the silver finish, unsure if black is an option.

    -Power cord isn't detachable like on the 1200

    Some pros:

    -Build quality seems to be good. They tray loads without rattles

    -All the font panel buttons have a firm feel when engaging

    -Blacks are deeper on this model

    -It can actually skip backwards on cd's which the 1200 could not

    -Sample rates of 48 and 96khz are selectable in the menu

    -All connectors are gold plated

    I still have a lot of playing to do to learn more about the perfomance of the player. As it stands, if it does progressive as well as it does interlace, I should be happy with this for quite sometime.

    "I came here, to chew bubble gum and kickass. And I'm all out of bubble gum!!!" My DVD's
    "I have come here, to chew bubblegum and kickass. And I'm all out of bubblegum!!!"
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