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Eva Cassidy-Anyone heard of her?

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  • Eva Cassidy-Anyone heard of her?

    I was just poking around and saw a mention of her. Downloaded some mini-tracks and her voice is well....ethereal is a good description. She sings a good variety of stuff. Died of melanoma at 33. :T

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    She was a marvelous vocalist who became very popular several years ago after her death. I believe that her father was a classical musician and her mother some kind of artist. She was basically trained at home. Her family has been releasing new compiliations of her limited recordings for somet time now. I believe that her record label is a small one from San Francisco called Blix Records. Try Live At Blues Alley out. She can sing folk, jazz, rock...etc., etc. Eva was and remains a genre buster.


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      I am going to give a second vote for "Live at Blue's Alley"
      you might also want to try these other selections.

      Songbird- Eva Cassidy, check out Fields of Gold, Autumn Leaves and her version of, Over the Rainbow. All on this disc.

      The Other Side, Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy. this is really good stuff.


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        Eva makes me melt inside every time I hear her. Only have Live at Blues Alley, but it is such a great recording that I consider myself a big Eva fan. Part of the warmth of the recording is when she speaks between tracks. Simply wonderful.

        I think there is a new Eva Cassady sampler out, taking tracks from her previously released CD's. Here's a link.


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          Bringing this thread up to the top...

          I just bought the Live at Blues Alley cd; it was used as a reference song at the PartsExpress meet and I wanted to hear how my speakers measured up. I'm mostly pleased, shows a couple problems with my setup but I was impressed at the vocals. One problem I'd like to hear your input on.
          Track 3, "Bridge Over Troubled Water". If you guys wouldn't mind, listen to that at a high volume. Do you get any hiss, a sort of noise floor at the beginning and in a couple of other quiet parts? This only happens several notches above my normal listening level, but it becomes apparent at higher volumes. If you guys wouldn't mind trying this, listening for a sort of hiss or buzzing, I'd appreciate it! I may have interference issues, but if it's just a biproduct of being a live album, I'd like to know. Let me know, thanks!


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            Live At Blues Alley must surely be a classic. It's the only album of hers I own and I really don't know why because I love her voice.
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