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Dauler Hearing Loop Installed in Heinz Hall

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  • Dauler Hearing Loop Installed in Heinz Hall

    received via my email subscription to the PSO:

    Dauler Hearing Loop
    Installed in Heinz Hall
    New system utilizes telecoil technology to provide better sound to hearing aid and cochlear implant users
    Patrons who use hearing aids or cochlear implants will have an improved listening experience at Heinz Hall concerts and events. The facility has become the first theater in western Pennsylvania to install an electromagnetic hearing loop in its auditorium.

    A hearing loop is a wire that circles a room and is connected to a sound system, which transmits sound electromagnetically. The electromagnetic signal is picked up by the telecoil, or t-coil, in a hearing aid or cochlear implant, connecting listeners directly to the sound source while most of the background noise is eliminated.
    The Dauler Hearing Loop at Heinz Hall runs throughout the orchestra, Grand Tier, Dress Circle, Family Circle and Gallery sections of the hall, with the exception of the orchestra pit, first four orchestra level rows and Grand Box left. It was installed in August. It is named for late Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra trustee L. Van V. Dauler, Jr., who suggested the technology to the symphony’s administration and financed the project through his family’s charitable foundation.
    “It is a priority for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra to continue to foster an environment in Heinz Hall that is inclusive and welcoming,” said Melia Tourangeau, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. “The hearing loop system will insure that all our patrons can fully enjoy the majestic sound of the Pittsburgh Symphony, as well as so many other events presented in this beautiful hall.”
    The hearing loop system also was installed at the Heinz Hall Box Office windows, allowing for better communication between box office staff and patrons using assistive hearing devices.
    “Van loved the Pittsburgh Symphony and wanted all patrons to be able to enjoy the concerts at Heinz Hall as much as he did, even if they need assistive hearing devices,” said Van Dauler’s wife, Randi. “I know he’d be thrilled to see this project completed and to witness the pleasure of those who can now hear the music more clearly than ever.”
    To use the hearing loop at Heinz Hall, users of hearing aids and cochlear implants with a telecoil (t-coil) need to make sure their t-coil is activated and properly set by their audiologist. Users can then activate the setting once in Heinz Hall. If users are not sure if their hearing aid has a t-coil or if they experience difficulty and require assistance, they should contact their audiologist.

    In addition to the hearing loop system, Heinz Hall now offers three portable t-coil devices that can be worn around the neck by patrons with t-coil enabled hearing assistance devices to pick up the signal from the hearing loop system, allowing them to sit in the sections of the hall outside of the installed coverage area. The hall will continue to offer 60 FM hearing assistance devices with earphones for others without t-coil enabled hearing aids. All hearing assistance devices are on a first-come, first-served basis.

    The hearing loop system was provided by Listen Technologies and installed by Metro Pro Sound — a subcontractor of Lighthouse Electric of Pittsburgh — who installed the same system at New York’s Lincoln Center. Mascaro Construction, L.P., provided construction management for the project.
    The hearing loop at Heinz Hall was a gift from Randi & L. Van V. Dauler Jr. and the Emma Clyde Hodge Memorial Fund.
    Additional funding for Heinz Hall capital improvements in 2016 was provided by the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County and the Allegheny Regional Asset District.



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