Yesterday afternoon had a cool vibe to it, so I decided to go with it. Scouted out the options and there was a couple of nice steaks in the fridge, good produce, couple of potatos and some sourdough. Mixed up a nice Rum and Coke and needed a grooving disc to listen to.

Burt Bacharach & Friends - Gold :T

If this one doesn't set a cool mellow mood then nothing will. The quantity and quality of the songs is amazing with great perfomances across the board. Some songs are performed by the more recognized artist... say Do You Know The Way To San Jose with Dionne Warwick and there are some song by the non expected artist... The Look Of Love performed by Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66.

Disc 1 starts a little slow with Close To You with the Carpenters, but once past that it's on. Next thing you know it's Tom Jones doing What's New Pussy Cat Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa...

This Guy's In Love With You (Yeah Baby)
One Less Bell To Answer (a favorite from when I was about 8 or 10)
Walk On By (an all time favorite)
Look Of Love......

I was into it so I restart disc one when it was done, I never got to disc 2.

Cooking was a groove :T
Dinner was intimate and delicious.
Dessert... Yep :W