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Amused To Death, first time listen......

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  • Amused To Death, first time listen......

    on vinyl. And, WOW, have I been missing out!

    I thought I knew this recording, and took it for granted that because of all the audio effects, that the digital version would be superior. While it is no secret that I am a fan of vinyl, it has always been based on finding it to be a more fun media to play around with. I don't get caught up in the "which sounds better?" debates.

    I have had a unopened Japanese pressing, and a sealed Holland pressing in my collection for years and never listened to either one before last night. It was like I had never heard the recording before. While the digital version has plenty of "audio 3D effects" it is not even close to the vinyl version. With the vinyl the sounds can easily be pinpointed in a 360° circle around you. Dog "barks" outside the room at the same time the "radio" is playing inside the room directly to your left. Thunder rolls over your head starting outside your listening room, rolling to your ceiling, and back out the other side of the room!! Explosions slam into your face, racing from the front wall to the back. At the same time, I was hearing every instrument in clear detail, no smearing. Also, heard lot's of audio minutia that I had never heard on the cd. And it is a cd I have played many, many, times.

    This is one time I have no trouble saying that there is such a strong and obvious difference between vinyl and digital that even your Aunt Mame can hear it.

    I know it sounds greedy but, after two listens last night, I searched the internet and bought a 3rd copy just to make sure I would always have at least on pristine one. From now on the cd is only for the car and to demonstrate to any friends the difference between analog and digital.

    If any members live in the LA, CA area and want a demo just contact me. I would welcome giving a demo and then have someone else post what they heard.

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    I'm envious, never had the vinyl. I love Waters' solo stuff, and this is my favorite.
    I'd love to see an SACD of this one, but I don't see a chance of that. The gold SBM version I've got (in the big gatefold case) is great, but I know there's more in them thar tapes.


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      Masn I would love to hear that on vinyl.
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