Dual Lambda 15 monster

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    Dual Lambda 15 monster

    Thought some people may be interested in this here. I'm still trying to decide on my ultimate subwoofer sytem here. I'm doing floor to ceiling line arrays all the way around for my home theater. My intent was to also have a subwoofer, or stack of subs go floor to ceiling. No particular reason other than just because I can. After consulting with a few others here I think I've come to the decision that 4 of the HE15 cubes stacked would be a little overkill, and the amplifier power would cost a fortune. Not to mention the wiring in the house here doesn't seem to be too good.

    I think I've decided on going with a pair of the Lambda 15001PFPHN(soon to be Stryke SAL-15PFPHN) woofers. The main advantage of the HE15 woofers is the small enclosure size. Since I plan to take the enclosure floor to ceiling giving about 18.5
    cubic feet, size is really not a factor. My total space will be 90.5" tall, 20" wide, and 25" deep. I'm still playing around with the tuning on the enclosure. I'm leaning towards 600grams on each PR, giving Fb of 18.5Hz and F3 of about 19Hz. I may add more mass to flatten out the low end once room gain is accounted for. Here is a graph showing the 3 alignments:

    Using the 600gram PR's the drivers simulate to be within their 14mm Xmax everywhere above 16Hz. I will be using a subsonic filter somewhere between 16Hz and 18Hz so I'm not concerned with excursion below there.

    Two PR's will go on each side of the enclosure. They'll oppose each other to cancel vibrations. The only thing I have left to determine is where exactly to mount the woofers. My original thought was to put one the woofers both on the front. I may decide to put one on the back and one on the front to also cancel any vibrations caused by the drivers. However with the cabinet being so large and heavy this seems unnecessary. I think it will look better with both drivers on the front. Then I
    have the issue of where to mount everything vertically. The first thought was to put the drivers and PR's all close to the ground. I'm now considering mounting them close to the ceiling. Before I moved here I lived in an apartment. I played with elevating my subwoofer from the ground up to about 7ft high on the wall. It seemed to interact with the room much better when elevated. Doorways are not open up at the top of the wall and there is no furniture or carpeting on the ceiling either. So it looks like once I get this monster built I'll have to get a few friends over to help flip it upside down and see which works better.

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