Grand Poobah has a spray gun question

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  • ThomasW
    Moderator Emeritus
    • Aug 2000
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    Grand Poobah has a spray gun question

    Am getting ready to spray poly for cabinet making project I'm working on. And am a noob regarding spray guns.

    So bleeder vs non-bleeder, internal vs external mix, HVLP vs normal gun, gravity feed vs suction????????

    I have a BIG dual stage 5 Hp 60 gallon tank Quincy compressor that can deliver ~17 cu ft/min at high pressure if that's important.

    Thanks for any advise.......


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  • PMazz
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    • May 2001
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    We have a 3 of the Binks pressure pots similar to these:

    One is strictly set up and used for contact cement another for lacquer and the like, and the third for water based finishes (still playing with these).

    They are the way to go if you want to spray quantities. The pot holds 2 1/2 gal. Easy to maintain, clean up is just running thinner thru and leaving it in the system until the next go round. For small amounts, we just put a gallon container in the pot and save the liner. Material can be sprayed at original viscosity. Pot, hoses and gun were ~$500. Has worked flawlessly for years.

    We also have a HVLP system with a suction cup that is no longer in use. Some problems with these setups are:
    Cup only holds a quart or so of material.
    Spraying to a horizontal surface is problematic, as the dip tube needs a full cup to not push air.
    Cleaning the gun and cup is more work.
    Material needs to be thinned down more than I like.
    Always seemed to have problems with it.

    There are some other systems out there, but these are the only 2 I've used and the pressure pot has been so reliable, I've never considered anything else.
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    • Dennis H
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      • Aug 2002
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      I have an Graco airless for production stuff and it works great. But it takes some practice -- that sucker can really pump the paint. For small stuff, I just use rattle cans if it seems like cleaning the airless will be too much hassle. Sorry, no recent experience with air sprayers.


      • Hank
        Super Senior Member
        • Jul 2002
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        Thomas, since you're not a volume cabinet shop guy like Pete, based on what I've read, I recommend you seriously consider an HVLP setup.


        • David Meek
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          • Aug 2000
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          • Andrew Pratt
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            • Aug 2000
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