Now this is what I call a line array.

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  • sfdoddsy
    Senior Member
    • Sep 2000
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    Now this is what I call a line array.

    Very cool!

    Steve's DIY Dipoles
    Steve's OB Journey
  • JonMarsh
    Mad Max Moderator
    • Aug 2000
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    A lot of interesting claims... I shudder to think what it must cost to build them....


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    • Dennis H
      Ultra Senior Member
      • Aug 2002
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      Cool! I've been thinking a Lexan or acrylic open baffle would look nice if you're into the modern look. Maybe just a simple affair, similar to one of Steve's protos, with all the drivers mounted on one baffle and tapered wings extending back to boost the bass and hold it up. Maybe taper the front baffle a little from bottom to top as well.

      I wonder how thick plexi you could bend without creating big optical distortions? It would look awesome and maybe be good acoustically if the whole thing could be a single piece of bent plexi with say 3" radii. No bottom, no horizontal braces, just a piece of plastic and the drivers.


      • Hank
        Super Senior Member
        • Jul 2002
        • 1345

        Glass is very rigid and very, very strong and I see the innovative thinking, but:
        A unique driver mounting technique that directly clamps the magnetic drive to the “sword” of the baffle and eliminates structural resonances.
        I dunno...

        Dennis, Plexiglas is not as strong as glass and such an enclosure would really *flex*. The cool factor would be enjoyed by the automotive bass-heads though


        • KW
          Junior Member
          • Mar 2003
          • 2

          The dipole linesoure section actually consists of two baffles: the front baffle and a "cross baffle" (the sword) which is in a perpendicular arrangement to the front baffle. Think of a "T" where the two orthogonal lines have no contact.

          The cone drivers have, except for a very soft air thight seal, no contact with the front baffle. The center of the magnet is instead dircetlly mounted against the narrow side of 40mm wide and 10" deep baffle of the "silenced" glass. The reation forces of the voice coil are directly working against 10" of massive glass! That's incredibly rigid.

          I tried to figure that cofiguration out after I had learned that cone drivers are in reality only mounted up to a few hundred Hz. Above that, even the best baskets completely decouple from the magnet in a more or less resonant manner. The same thing happens if one tries to mount the magnet directly to "soft materials" like MDF etc. These materials are simply to soft to support the driver throughout the midrange.

          I have verified via accelerometer measuremants that the "glass clamping" works beyod 1.5kHz, which well above the 900 xover f.

          Thanks to everybody for the kind words!



          • ThomasW
            Moderator Emeritus
            • Aug 2000
            • 10933


            Your speakers are remarkable, and visually stunning.

            Please note that these are terms I rarely use. Congratulations on a job very well done!



            IB subwoofer FAQ page

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            • KW
              Junior Member
              • Mar 2003
              • 2

              Dear Thomas,

              As somebody who has been “strained” to collect an extensive number of failed prototype glass baffles in the basement during the development, and has driven a world renowned expert of a large specialty glass company crazy (not kidding!), your words feel really good!

              Even with all the solutions and know how the production process is still challenging. However, I already have a considerable number interesting news in the (glass) pipeline, which I will try to upload during spring.

              Thanks once again!

              Kindest regards,



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