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  • Kevin_McC
    • Jan 2003
    • 65

    Power Center

    I'm looking for a DIY power center design or suggestions. Basically I need a box where I can plug everything into one place instead of using multiple power strips. A power center with 16 outlets would be perfect. Don't get alarmed I don't ever have everything turned on at the same time.

    I'm not so concerned with filtering or suppression that would be an added bonus, I'm more or less looking to add additional outlets in a neat one box solution instead of daisy chaining power strips.

    Any suggestions?
  • Hank
    Super Senior Member
    • Jul 2002
    • 1345

    Kevin, I don't know of any protector/filter that has 16 outlets. If you're looking for power distribution, check the Tripp-Lite "Rack/workbench/wall/floor mount" section on this page: http://www.quailelectronics.com/slwaber1.htm
    You could then plug a couple of surge protector/filters into that to protect say 4-6 pieces of equipment each. You might consider a large "whole house" surge protector that an electrician can install at your circuit breaker box.


    • David Meek
      Moderator Emeritus
      • Aug 2000
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      I'm not aware of any kit-type power directors or plans for them either. I do have a 14-outlet power-conditioner/surge-protector on my system. It's a VansEvers Model 100/14. It's the one on the bottom of the stack in the photo if you follow the link. I'm extremely happy with it in regards to not only performance, but build quality too. The 100/14 isn't one of his primary models, but if you call them (like I did), Mike'll be happy to talk with you about one, I'm sure.

      Good luck! Keep us up on what you do. . . . :T

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      • ThomasW
        Moderator Emeritus
        • Aug 2000
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        Certainly not DIY but much less $$$ than designer products, are the outlet strips from The WireMold Company

        I use 2-4" strips behind one equipment rack and 2-3' strips behind another. All the strips are then plugged into multiple B-P-T devices which in turn are plugged into the massive Tice PowerBlockII/Titan line conditioners


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        • Kevin_McC
          • Jan 2003
          • 65

          Thanks for all the replies.

          It's funny you mention the whole house surge protector I completely forgot about the fact that one was installed in the house a few years ago during a service visit.

          Thanks for the suggestion. I've looked at the Van Evers power products in the past, but at this point I need a cheaper solution. I will keep it in mind for the future.

          Thomas W,
          I think I'm going to go with your suggestion and use the wiremold strips on the back of my rack. I have a black metal wire rack with adjustable shelves so what I could do is fasten a strip on each of the rear posts. This may even help me reorganize the cabling back there since the plug-in's will be much closer to the components so I'll have shorter power cable runs.

          Then later down the road I can look for the power conditioner when the funds are more abundant.

          If anyone else has any other suggestions please post them.


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