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  • Tibor
    • Oct 2000
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    Loudspeaker Books

    I was just going to order my first LoudSpeaker Design Cookbook V just wondering where is the best place to get it from ?
    I was going to the it from parts Express.
    Second is it worth while to get the Loudspeaker Recipes Book 1 or not ????????
    Or any other Suggestions
  • JonMarsh
    Mad Max Moderator
    • Aug 2000
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    Parts Express is a good place; I've also found it for friends in local Barnes and Nobles from time to time. Audio Xpress/Old Colony has it, too. You could order online by clicking through from the banner ads here, and HTGuide would get a little credit, I think. (Lex might like that).

    The Loudspeaker recipes book (which I don't have on my shelf, but have looked at) is good from the viewpoint of both the supplied designs, and more insight into the total process involved.

    Some might say there are really two choices in DIY speaker building.

    Option 1
    Build projects which are known entities (kits, magazine articles, etc) that others have developed, expressing your creativity through wookworking and final finishing, and of course in the selection of which project you want to build.

    Option 2
    Get a measuring microphone and system/software (such as LMS, LAUD, CLIO, etc) and a good development package (LEAP, LSPCAD, SOUNDEASY, etc), evaluate drivers and enclosures, and develop complete speaker systems, including enclosures, from scratch.

    The latter can be very rewarding, but very confusing if you don't have some background in electrical engineering. More than a casual understanding of passive filter network topologies and basic physics is quite helpful. Even though modern programs often have powerful tools such as network optimizers included, which allow you to optimize a filter and driver combination to a specific acoustic transfer function, there are useful tricks and methods that require a little bit of insight to avoid confusing problems.

    Another possibility is to partner with someone else; say, a guy with a woodshop meets an EE with time and interest on his hands. Two sets of hands, and two inquisitive minds, will almost always be more productive, develop more insights, and learn to be productive more quickly.

    What ever route you decide on, it will be a lot of fun and personal satisfaction.

    Best regards,


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