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Need help picking a projector.

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  • Need help picking a projector.

    Mostly going to be used for movies I already filled my hard drive with 4k atmos movies past few days waiting on my 7.2.4 system to arrive and have a 65" samsung curved 4k tv. Then I was like what the **** might as well go full on and get the largest screen and make one room a dedicated home theater room here are my choices but you are free to give other suggestions. Planning on buying used lol.... or refurbished to get the most bang for the tech book.

    The room dimensions are length 10-10 feet, width 8-9 feet, height 7-8 feet. Gonna blackout everything and paint everything black as well

    1. Epson 5040ub

    2. Benq HT3550

    3. Benq TK800M

    4. Benq HT8050 (no hdr and 3d )

    5. Optima HD60

    6. LG HU80KA

    Any projectors I might have missed?

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    Oh yes, you want native 4k HDR, the Sony VPL-VW295 is a huge price breakthrough. Has 3D also. Because it is
    a Sony with their terrible customer support, make sure you buy from a reputable dealer, in-house warranty also
    a must if offered.

    I love my pixel shifter Epson LS10500 because of the instant start of the laser engine, though HDR only 24FPS.

    Unfortunately it will be a while longer until affordable 4k native laser PJs become mainstream. And don't fall for
    the plethora of UST cabinet top boxes, they are a compromise that AVphiles should not have to make.

    On a side note, if you do not need a huge viewing area, a Samsung Q90 82" TV will absolutely knock your socks off,
    an LG OLED will look stunning though only 77".

    Good luck!
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      Having purchased an Epson 5040, I can vouch for it's capabilities. I would advise you carefully consider the matter of your screen choice- don't be surprised if you find that a high performance screen to optimize your projection results is a significant part of the total COO. Just like a high end blade for a sliding miter saw- the final result is dependent on the interaction of more than one item.

      In my case, after considerable research, I purchased a Screen Innovations Black Diamond in a fixed configuration to save money. The black diamond material has very good off axis light rejection, hence it's name.

      As the prices of OLED have come down greatly, the other recommendation for a 77" OLED might be one to consider seriously at this time- the performance is very good, and setup is certainly easier.

      The advent of large format OLED screens at under $5K prices may ultimately spell the end of home projection setups. I say this as someone who has been using it since about 1990...
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        I am quite happy with my BENQ 4K projector I got before the end of the year, or at the beginning of the year, heck, I forget, I guess maybe it was summer or fall... lol.

        Great blacks, sparkling quality upconverts from 480p or blu-ray 1080p.
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