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Remote (RR-1060) no longer working with receiver (RSX-1057)

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  • Remote (RR-1060) no longer working with receiver (RSX-1057)

    I recently got a hand-me-down RSX-1057 from my father along with an RR-1060 remote but I am unable to control the RSX-1057 with the RR-1060. Both units were unused (and unpowered) for a couple of years before I started playing with them yesterday.

    Before anyone posts it, yes I have already read the Rotel FAQ "My Rotel has stopped responding to the remote control" (more to come on this below...)

    I have verified that the IR on the remote is working by successfully programming it to control both my TV and my Satellite receiver. I have performed a factory reset on the RR-1060 but it has not made any difference. The Code for the Audio function is set to 0007 (which seems to be the only Rotel Code the RR-1060 accepts).

    I don't believe that the IR receiver on the RSX-1057 is defective or damaged as it was working perfectly well for my dad (with a Logitech remote) when he replaced it. I see on the Rotel site that some models may be switched between 2 completely different sets of IR codes so I'm wondering if my unit is possibly not using the 0007 code? Is there some way to determine the code being used by the unit without having a working remote?

    Is there some other way of accessing the OSD to do a factory reset without a remote? I've seen procedures for later models that use a combination of function buttons on the front panel, but none that I have found work on the unit I have. I'm having trouble believing that there are no workarounds for accessing system menus without having a functioning remote but so far the only possible solution I have found involve the RJ45-DB9 connector which I did not receive with the unit.

    Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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