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Hell or Highwater

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  • Hell or Highwater

    If you like No Country for Old Men and Sicario you will probably like this movie. Jeff Bridges is especially fun to watch as a old Texas Ranger about to retire. I really liked the pacing of the film. It helped create the feeling that you are in a part of the world where small towns are in no hurry to get on with the day. The scene at the T-Bone Cafe alone is worth the price of admission. I will buy this when it comes out on DVD.

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    Very much looking forward to seeing this. May not have a chance until a Blu-ray release, but it seems like the kind of film likely to join my collection. In terms of tone (more than theme or story), I get a similar vibe from the previews that I did from another film with a Texas Ranger near retirement--A Perfect World. In my books, it is Kevin Costner's finest performance (the director/other star ain't bad in it either). Actually, I should revisit A Perfect World soon. Picked up the Blu-ray for a good price some time ago but haven't gotten around to watching it.


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      I don't believe I have ever seen A Perfect World. I will add that to my list post haste. If it is one of Costner's early films that would be why. I knew him for so long as the equipment manager at Producer Studios and then as an actor playing a dead body in a film I did a long time ago, it took me awhile to realize that he had talent and was worth watching.
      I wish I could remember his partner's name at the equipment dock at the studio. The two of them were very funny and helpful and always wanted to know what was going on at the various sets filming. At the time, if someone would have asked I would have picked his partner as the one that would eventually have success in Hollywood. LA used to be full of people that were obsessed with film and you never knew when one day you might bump into them only to find out that their dream had come true. Quentin Tarantino worked at a video store called Video Archives by my house in Manhattan Beach and he could entertain you for hours with his manic machine gun dialog. Yikes, I have gone way off topic. After retirement I swore I would never be that guy sitting at the bar talking about his high school football days. But, every now and then I like to share a little antidote about film making.


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        That's pretty cool. A Perfect World was Clint Eastwood's first director/actor film after Unforgiven, and while he's good in it, I think Costner is excellent (plays a bit against type--I believe it was his first film after Dances with Wolves). Eastwood usually elicits strong performances from his actors and this is certainly the case with Costner.


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          i would love any stories you have to tell, Bob!


          Practicing Curmudgeon & Audio Snob
          ....just an "ON" switch, Please!



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            I watched "A Perfect World" last night following Ovation's recommendation and it was two hours well spent. Kevin Costner's performance is very good.



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              Glad you enjoyed it.


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