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  • Super 8

    I won't go into the plot details, that would ruin it for those of you that want to go see it. If you threw Close Encounters, ET, and Transformers in a blender you have elements of Super 8.

    It has the feel of a early Speilberg movie, especially E.T. in that it revolves around a group of kids. More action than a Speilberg movie, closer to Michael Bay in this regard.

    Lot's of explosions for those of you that like that. Some jump moments. Overall entertaining.

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    Do we have another classic in the making here ? I've only heard good things about this film. Really good things. :T
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      Classic? I don't think so. It is entertaining and most will like it. You have to remember I fell asleep trying to watch the last Transformer movie so, to me, the Michael Bay influence isn't really a compliment.

      I wouldn't see it twice but, it passed the time while we had a afternoon thunderstorm which made going to the beach out of the question.


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        Well, Bob, I haven't seen the latest Transformers, but I would probably fall asleep in it, too. The first Transformers was OK, but one was enough. As for Super 8, I guess most of the good buzz was related to Spielberg's involvement. Some comments were saying another Jaws or Jurassic Park. Anyway, I'll rent it when it comes out and see what all the fuss is about.

        PS: is Michael Bay involved in this ?
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          hello all.

          E.T. 2011 it was just okay.


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            No, Michael wasn't involved. The films' action parts are similar to his over the top style and sometimes the creature has a Transformer look to it. It's face looks like a merger of ET and one of the Transformers.

            As a producer, Spielberg has been very prolific. Attaching his name to a project gets a film green-lighted immediately. Between his residuals on older films, toys, games, rides at Universal, new films, and as a producer his income must be approaching one million dollars a day.


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              A freind at work had a V minor role as a military radio operator in the film.
              Sadly, his work ended up on the editor's cutting room floor.

              I'll wait for the DVD. :W


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                J.J. Abrams seems to have taken some notes from Spielberg, some of the shots look like Spielberg did them himself. Hopefully this is a sign that J.J.'s talent is growing and maybe he will back off on the closeups.
                Overall not as good as E.T. was in its day but not really like E.T. similarities exist sure but seems like an unfair comparison to me. E.T. is a kids movie at heart and has more heart. I was 7 when E.T. was out in the theaters.
                Super 8 took me back to my childhood, reminded me of hanging out and running around town with my friends.
                Same as E.T. reminded me of dinner at my house with my older brothers friends and my friends.

                I will definitely buy this on blu-ray the picture and sound should be superb.


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                  I really enjoyed the picture and sound quality- two thumbs up!


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