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Orpheus speakers anyone heard them?

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  • Orpheus speakers anyone heard them?

    Hi guys, I would like to hear from anyone that has heard the Australian made Orpheus speakers, particularly the Aurora 3's.

    These are probably not very well known outside of Oz and are not widely marketed from what I can tell.

    They use quality components and get great reviews.

    I saw a comment on the Orpheus website by Mr Rubinson of Stereophile mag in relation to an Orpheus product.

    After hearing the Aurora 3's, I consider them to be the best sounding speaker I have heard, including b&w and all the rest, however they are very reasonably priced at $2000 Australian.

    Anyone else heard them or compared them to more expensive speakers?

    What did you think?

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    Not getting anything here !

    There must be some members here from Oz that know of or have heard these speakers?

    They really do sound great. In fact I am now the proud owner of an Orpheus .5 centre speaker.



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      I have heard of them.
      And read nothing but good reviews which is always a good thing

      I would say that If you like the sound against everything else you have listened to the they would be a sound choic(no pun intened)

      Orpheus has also a bit of a rep as a company makeing speakers that well out perform there price tag, So you allways get what you pay for and a nice little something.

      Good luck if the are as nice as you say they are then next time im in sydney Ill have to have a listen but given how far away I am I only really get then on quick trips for work.


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        Wombat, in case you are interested there is a review of the Aurora 3 signatures in the latest edition of Australian Hi Fi and also in Best buys home theatre magazines.

        I have not found any speaker so far that sounds as good as Orpheus gear.


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          I've also been interested in these speakers - seem like great value.

          Have a look here


          (can't get the hyperlink to work sorry).


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            Ive got a Aus Hi-Fi from last year some time when they were relesed... Well I beleive thats why they took up two pages of the mag for

            Also Len Wallis Hi-Fi is selling them thats another testement to the speakers being sold next to all the best the world decieds to import to The Burnt Country


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              Bleeding Ears,

              If you do audition a pair would love to hear your opinion of their performance. Let us know how you go.


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                Adinfinitum, I have auditioned a pair of Aurora 3's ($2000) at Sydney Hi Fi at Castle Hill, in the same room as a pair of Energy Reference Connoisseur ($4000) speakers.

                To me the Orpheus had a much cleaner and more musical sound.

                I found the Energy's had a much more bassy sound which to me did not sound as good.

                Consequently, I am now looking for more justification to buy some Orpheus speakers and ditch the Energy's which although very good just dont seem to have what I now want sound wise.

                Perhaps my taste has changed ?

                I have only heard B&W's in the lower 600 series and they were not in the same room or shop so its very hard to come to any definite conclusions, but as one of the reviews says "many reviewers own Orpheus Auroras", what better recommendation could there be?

                It would be nice if someone has done a comparison of the Aurora 3's against say B&Ws or something more expensive and can confirm what I hear in my auditions.


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                  Oh I forgot to mention that I have compared the Orpheus centre against my energy centre and I do prefer the Orpheus.

                  The comparison was done in my home using exactly the same setup just switching the wires from one speaker to the other.

                  Not a lot in it but once again the energy exhibited a more bassy sound which may appeal to some but I have developed a dislike for artificial, bloated bass.

                  Hence the Orpheus stays and the energy is going soon.


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                    I heard them in Melbourne Audio Trends, I was decing on them or Subsonics PM1's that are also Aussie made.
                    I ended up going with the Subsonics as my wife and I both enjoyed them better when they were mated up with my RSX 1067. But they are a very nice speaker especially being OZ made.


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                      Zac, could you tell us a little about the PM1's ?

                      Eg are they in a similar price range and are they floorstanders etc etc.

                      Also if possible, how would you describe the sound difference?


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