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Adcom Amps?

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  • Adcom Amps?

    Does any body have any thoughts on Adcom amps? The GFA-7805 is a monster amp at 300 watts per channel and i'm dying to get more power into my system. I'm either going in two opposite ways. With 5 B&K mono amps or a multichannel powerfull amp like Adcom. What do you guys think? Thanks J.H.

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    adcom makes some great products....give that gfa a will be blown away...


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      You won't get much support for Adcom products here....not sure why. They seem good enough for me.


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        I don't own any amps other than stereo or mono. Problem with a multi-channel amp is if you lose one channel you lose them all to the repair shop.
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        IB subwoofer FAQ page

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          I recall some past opinions on the older amps as having a certain amount of grain or grit in the treble. I can't say about the current offerings. I did own a couple of Adcom pieces (2-channel preamp and 5.1-channel pre-processor) years ago. They didn't remain in my system too long because of treble and noise floor shortcomings. Its always good to audition and judge for yourself as YMMV.


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            Yeah odd not alot of play for Adcom on here but B&K has its own section and they get no play. I just bought a B&K Ref50 S2 and its amazing but not mucg talk on here about it or them. I may buy two B&K mono amps next. Anyway thanks for the help J.H.


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              If it's not ROTEL/Parasound/Classe....don't expect ppl to talk about them on here...


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                You are right about that my friend. Rotel I was surprised to find out has the most play of any manufactures on here even more than Parasound. I had no idea Rotel sold that well or had that big a following. that surprised me. The guys really don't get a whole lot of talk and I wonder why?
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                  Well, adcom really dropped the ball when they went to Home theater processors. I believe they aren't even manufacturing their equipment anymore...but that maybe just a rumor.

                  Either way, I use them...and like the SQ.


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                    I've heard that about Adcom which is a shame but it doesn't explain why theres no play for B&K which is an excellent HT company that makes all there own equipment in Buffalo NY which is amazing this day and age. J.H.


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